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Sept. 21

n Police responded to 33rd Place after receiving license plate information on a vehicle, which reportedly contained two people engaged in a volatile argument on Verboort Road. Officers contacted the couple who were arguing about money issues.

n Police responded to Pacific Avenue near Main Street after a man was reportedly fumbling with car keys trying to get into a locked car. Officers found the man, who was extremely intoxicated. Officers told the man it would be a mistake to drive, and found friends who agreed to take him home.  

n Officers attempted to find an anonymous caller, who was reportedly hiding behind a dentist’s office because someone was following her and her friend. The caller was not cooperative and no one was found.

n A father called from Hawaii reporting that his 13-year-old daughter was making suicidal statements. Officers spoke to the girl, who was not suicidal, but clearly unhappy with her home life here in Oregon. The girl agreed to cooperate with family here and get counseling.

Sept 22

n Police responded to Hawthorne Street with medical personnel to a report of an unconscious female who was not breathing. Upon arrival, the woman was breathing. She allegedly had just taken an unknown medication and smoked some marijuana. She was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

n A man on Pacific Avenue reported the theft of tools worth about $900. He suspects his girlfriend or maybe one of her friends, especially since she has not returned home now in more than a week.

n Police responded to a very lively domestic disturbance between a husband and wife. They were disagreeing about whether or not sex was going to occur. It was not to happen. The husband ended up leaving for the evening.  

n A caller reported that a female prowler on 18th Avenue who was reported to police the night before was now back in the area hiding in the bushes. Police contacted the woman, who said she had “thrown her pad” in the bushes earlier and was simply looking for it. She denied being involved in any criminal activity.

 Sept. 23

n Police responded to a call of a distraught woman upset about the sudden death of her mother and wanted to die to go be with her. Officers placed her into protective custody and transported her to the hospital. Police were called back to the same address with medical personnel when another distraught family member passed out and needed a defibrillator. Officers carry automated external defibrillators while on patrol.

n A man called police after he saw another man riding his wife’s stolen bicycle and confronted him to get it back. Police arrested the man for theft and the bike was returned to owner.

n A woman called police for advice on how to evict her daughter’s boyfriend from her residence.

n A mother called police when her 14-year-old daughter ran away after the mother tried to take her cell phone away. Officers located her daughter and she went home with her mother, but without her phone. Police were called back to the residence after the daughter tried to get her phone back by choking her mother. The daughter was taken into custody and placed in a juvenile detention facility. She is currently still without a phone.

 Sept. 24

n A woman called police after kicking her 82-year-old husband out of the house. Apparently, he was parked down the street in his car and she wanted him to leave the area completely. There were no laws being broken.

n An anonymous caller reported that a woman was walking down 26th Avenue while beating her dogs with a stick. Officers got a description of the woman and found her walking two Pomeranians. The woman explained her dogs were “show dogs” and showed police a thin twig that she used to guide her dogs on the sidewalk and out of the street. She strongly denied abusing her dogs, but did not deny she might try to hit a stray cat or two with her twig.

n The fire department requested help on Pacific Avenue with an extremely intoxicated woman with lacerations on her lip. Apparently, she fell on some stairs the day before, and elected to get drunk again today. She was upset with medical personnel, who stopped her from drinking.

n Police responded to the area of the Elks Lodge on a report of a female hitting herself in the face wanting to kill herself. Officers did not find her, but discovered her identity and learned that she lived by the Beaverton Transit Center. Police forwarded the case to Beaverton Police Department.  

 Sept. 25

n An officer contacted a man walking down the street near Pacific Avenue and Quince Street pushing a lawn mower. The man said he was “borrowing” the lawn mower but could not give the name of owner. The man also had a cell phone on him that he said he “borrowed” but again could not say from whom. Officers located the owner of the phone who said it was stolen, not borrowed. The owner of the lawn mower could not be established or located. The man was arrested for theft.

n A woman renting the home of a deceased woman called police claiming she had inherited the home, but was now being charged rent she should not pay. The deceased owner’s son has apparently contacted her on the “spirit channel” telling her this and supposedly has a copy of the will. Police have dealt with this woman on previous occasions on calls surrounding the same general theme, and believe she is suffering mental health problems.

n A man on Willamina Avenue reported the theft of his two Xbox 360s and controllers. The suspect is his brother.

n A man reported a possible “Pick Pocket” at Safeway after realizing a $100 bill was missing from his pocket. He believes the suspect is an old friend that he bumped into (literally) while shopping at the store. Police are reviewing store surveillance footage for possible evidence.

  Sept. 26

n A suspect in an assault case called to report an infection from a human bite, allegedly inflicted by the victim in the case.

n An officer patrolling on the night shift noticed a vehicle’s lights were turning on then off again. Upon checking the vehicle, the officer found it locked with no one around. The officer, however, did notice a mason jar on passenger seat filled with what appeared to be a dried green leafy substance. The officer watched the car for a short time and contacted the owner of the car as he returned to his vehicle. The subject, a minor, was arrested after the substance tested positive as marijuana. He was lodged at a juvenile detention facility.

Sept. 27

n A man called police after he suspected his girlfriend’s 16-year-old son of stealing his cuff links.

n A report was received of a male subject pacing back and forth in the area of Birch Street and 19th Avenue talking to himself about killing something. Police searched the area, but did not find the man.

n Tenants of a group home on Main Street called police after getting upset with a resident who was yelling and screaming inside his room. Officers contacted the man, who explained that he was only speaking to the “National Air Commander” and agreed to keep it down.  Police do not believe that any national authorities were actually contacted.

n A caller from an assisted living center called to report another resident missing. Officers arrived and located the missing resident in her room.  

 Sept. 28

n Officers assisted with several storm-related calls and helped clear fallen tree limbs and trees from roadways.

n The chef at Prime Time caught a subject in the act of allegedly stealing empty bottles from the outside storage area at the restaurant. The restaurant did not press charges against the man, but banned him from returning to the property.

n An anonymous caller reported that several kids were hanging out at the park structure all day at Bard Park. They thought the park should be closed.

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