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Forest Grove police log

April 10

- A woman called in a noise complaint on her neighbor who was doing roof work. She told police she'd asked him to stop the repair but he was rude to her.

- An officer was informed that a park table had been recently damaged. Police found a man's name carved into the table. Officers located the man, who admitted to defacing property. He was issued a citation and released.-n A nurse reported seeing a car full of trash in a clinic parking lot with suspicious individuals hanging around. Officers contacted and asked the two individuals, who were transients and living out of the car, to move along. They did so without incident.

April 11

- Police received a call that a man's sidewalk had been defaced with graffiti. White supremacist literature was also left on his lawn one day after having an African American friend visit his home.

- A caller reported a burglary that had occurred several days earlier in which two security cameras, a laptop, two cases of soda and three rolls of toilet paper were taken. Police are still investigating.

- Officers assisted Forest Grove Fire & Rescue in dealing with a man who had passed out for an unknown reason at his workplace. Officers learned the man had been drinking alcohol on the job and was heavily intoxicated. The man was promptly fired from his job and issued a trespass warning. He refused medical attention.

April 12

- Officers followed up on a report that a dog had been poisoned near a park on Elm Street. Investigation and consultation with veterinarians yielded no evidence that any poisoning had taken place. Police received more calls after the incident garnered media attention from numerous concerned sources but no other reports of possible poisonings were received.

- A concerned citizen called to report that residents of a neighboring apartment moved out last week but that the neighbor's son keeps returning and going inside the apartment. Officers arrived and learned the neighbors are still in the process of moving out.

- A disgruntled customer entered a local store demanding a hand count of his bottles. Upset by the answer to his demands, he hit the manager in the head. Officers are investigating the case.

April 13

- A caller reported that they were flagged down by a man stating he was numb and in pain. The man further reported that his genitals had been damaged and that infection had set in. Before officers could arrive, they learned medical personnel were arriving.

- Police received a tip that a "plastic grenade" was in a roadway. Officers found it to be a broken plastic toy and disposed of it.

- Officers found a vehicle they had been searching for at a local hotel. At the location, they found a registered sex offender recently released from prison along with his father. A consent search yielded a gun, morphine and heroin kit. The son was referred to his parole officer, while the father was lodged at the Washington County Jail. While being lodged at the jail, the father was reunited with his other son, who had simultaneously been arrested for unrelated charges in another area of the county.

April 14

- A man driving near the Pacific campus crashed into four parked cars and was determined to be driving under the influence of drugs.

- A woman reported seeing an unknown vehicle driving in the area. She said the driver was taking photos of her house. Officers discovered the driver is a Realtor. Police advised the caller that Realtors often take pictures of homes for their property comparisons.

- A caller reported that a man and woman were standing behind a shopping center with several backpacks full of items they were selling for half price. The couple told the caller that the items were stolen.

April 15

- Police received a report that a woman took several coffee creamers from a local convenience store. After being confronted by the store manager, the woman pulled out a creamer from her pocket and paid for it. No other creamers were seen in her pockets.

- A caller reported seeing a suspicious vehicle parked in a residential area, possibly dumping trash in the road, and that the driver had gotten out of the car and moved to the back seat. Officers contacted the young couple in the back seat of the car, who were talking and playing Candy Crush.

- Officers attended to a customer at a separate local convenience store, who was acting strange and trying to find a cab from the shop. The woman told officers she was brought to Forest Grove by Santa Claus, who had paid her $50 for sex. Police were unable to locate "Santa" or verify the story, but officers assisted her in calling her a cab to take her back to Hillsboro.

April 16

- A man walked into Safeway, retrieved a chair from an eating area and passed out in it in front of Customer Service. Police transported the man to a detox center after they determined he was on heroin and marijuana.

- Police were called after a man got into a fight with his father and punched him several times. When officers arrive, the son obtained a knife and challenged officers to shoot him. Officers used a taser and pepper spray to subdue the man, who was then taken into custody.

- While investigating a disturbance in a parking lot, officers were directed to an unconscious female covered in vomit. The woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance.