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Forest Grove police log

Aug. 28

- A caller requested advice on how to deal with his neighbors "cooking pot" because the odor makes his fiancé sick.

- Police received a message that individuals were posing as employees at a local business and telling customers that the business doesn't accept cash. Officers were unable to locate any imposters.

- Officers checked on a local man who has been seen throughout town barbecuing out of a shopping cart. There is no ordinance that prohibits mobile grilling.

Aug. 29

- A man inquired as to whether it was legal for neighbors to set up cameras to watch his house.

- Officers disposed of a backpack full of syringes found in a local park.

- A child called police stating a man was not letting him or his mother leave a residence. On arrival, officers found the boy's father and the boy's mother engaged in surprise introduction of a woman who was not the boy's mother. All parties agreed to sort out the situation and associated drama without police assistance.

Aug. 30

- A caller reported that a woman was dealing drugs out of his house, but refused to provide any information regarding where or when this alleged transaction was occurring.

- A taxi driver reported that a patron did not pay the full fare. The patron called simultaneously to state that his taxi driver refused to take his money and told him to "respect others." Officers found both accounts to be accurate.

- A city employee reported finding a bicycle trailer full of children's items hidden under a tree in a local park. The trailer was gone when officers arrived to check on it.

Aug. 31

- A card player at a local business called to report that other players cheat and that the management doesn't care.

- A man reported that his neighbor had "chest bumped" him without permission. The accused chest-bumper responded with accusations that the chest bump recipient was always yelling at him and calling him names. Police advised the two grown men to have no contact.

- Police responded to a storage facility where a man claimed he was being locked inside and held against his will by the manager. Officers learned the man had recently been given a new code, which he apparently forgot. The man ultimately got out and left without incident.

Sept. 1

- A woman called stating she had swallowed a cartridge and now spiders were crawling in her spine. Police and fire were dispatched, however, no one known by the woman's name was at the address provided. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the woman.

- A caller reported fraudulent use of his library card.

- Officers assisted Campus Public Safety in removing a man who was supposedly undressing on Pacific University property. The man left on foot, but was later arrested for returning to campus after being issued a trespass warning.

Sept. 2

- A caller reported a man standing at a bus stop and pounding on his chest like he was "Kung Fu" fighting. The man may have boarded the bus before police arrived.

- A woman allowed her girlfriend to stay the night after she became too intoxicated. The woman's husband was not happy about the arrangement and reportedly took the friend's keys and purse. He denied taking the items.

- Officers assisted Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies outside the city limits after a subject reported his mother was hearing voices and "freaking out." The caller walked out of his room and observed a knife stuck in the floor and then observed his mother standing in the dark holding four other knives. The mother was taken into protective custody on a peace-officer hold and transported to the hospital.

Sept. 3

- A caller reported that her landlord evicted her but nailed the door shut with her roommate still inside.

- A caller complained about a rabbit that was hit by a car and she wanted it moved from the roadway.

- Police responded with medical assistance to an unconscious woman. She appeared to possibly be feigning unconsciousness because she was responding to pain stimuli. When medics stated they were going to have to use a painful needled to start an IV, the woman awakened and appeared to make a full recovery. She was transported to the hospital after she made statements of wanting to harm herself.