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Forest Grove police log

July 31

- Police looked for a woman who reportedly was acting erratically on a bus.

- Dispatch advised a female who was screaming on the line and were able to eventually determine that she was trying to report her 4-year-old as missing. Police arrived to assist in the search just as the child was found.

- A man reported that a subject pulled a knife on him during an argument. A knife was recovered and the suspect admitted to it. He was arrested and lodged at the jail.

August 1

- Police investigated after a citizen reported a phone call by someone regarding a student loan application applied for by their deceased father.

- A caller reported that a male was completely nude in his vehicle for the last six hours and using a laptop to do something. Police found the man without a shirt who was a registered sex offender and on supervision for sexual abuse. An appointment was made for the man to see his corrections officer in the morning.

- A resident reported "Internet fraud" after purchasing a scooter online and selling it to a friend who discovered it was stolen.

August 2

- A man reported fraudulent charges on his deceased brother's credit card.

- A caller reported a subject tipping over garbage cans. Officers discovered over 50 cans knocked over and picked up as many as they could find.

- A resident called police at about 1:30 a.m. to report a confused elderly woman knocking at the front door. Police were familiar with the woman and returned her home.

August 3

- A local gym called police to trespass a man who was trying to solicit other gym members in allowing him to train them in return for compensation.

- A resident of a local assisted living center allegedly stated he wanted to get a gun and shoot himself. The man denied wanting to die but voluntarily agreed to go to the hospital for an evaluation.

- A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend stole her television. Police contacted the ex-boyfriend who explained he was only "renting" the television.

August 4

- An intoxicated woman skipped out on cab fare and was reportedly running. Police located the woman hiding in the bushes nearby. Fortunately her mother agreed to pay the cab fare on her behalf. Unfortunately the woman was on probation with a strict no alcohol clause and went to jail for violating her probation by drinking alcohol.

- A woman reported that someone had broken into her home for the "two-hundredth time." She reported broken flooring, dents in her car along with white powder footprints on her walls and initials carved into wood. Police believe some mental health issues are involved.

- Police investigated after four males were reportedly hiding in a porta-potty. Police cited several minors for possession of marijuana. In a second porta-potty incident, one was lit on fire and melted to the ground on the north side of Neil Armstrong Middle School. The incident is under investigation.

August 5

- An 11-year-old reported that her father was threatening to kill a cat or throw it off a bridge. Upon further information police learned the cat was sick and the father was considering reasonable options for the situation being faced. Throwing it off a bridge was not one of the options being considered.

- A concerned citizen once again reported that the dog at the feed store was on the roof.

- A man was reportedly yelling and swearing at people. The man was contacted and said he was only yelling and swearing at himself. He was advised to do so more quietly.

August 6

- Plaid Pantry reported someone stealing a toothbrush from the location. A suspect was reported getting in a Ford Explorer before leaving the location.

- A woman called 911 and stated she needed police, fire and medical assistance because an unknown male was screaming at her. Police arrived and determined the man was screaming that he actually needed medical assistance. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

- A woman claimed that she was being harassed by individuals who filled her coat with feces. The woman had no other information but wanted police to seize her feces-filled coat. Officers declined.