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Forest Grove

Oct. 27

n An officer stopped a car on Pacific Avenue and found the driver was in possession of heroin and methamphetamine.

n A citizen reported hearing something hitting his house several times a week and also found what appears to be urine where the noise is coming from. He has seen no one. Officers will be doing extra patrol at night.

n A woman called 911 to say she was at the wetlands near Beal Road cutting herself with a razor blade. Officers found her and after treatment from the Forest Grove Fire & Rescue team, she was transported to the hospital on a police hold.

n A woman called to report that a friend stole her dog. It turned out to be just a misunderstanding about who was supposed to be watching the dog while the owner was in jail. Unfortunately for the falsely accused friend, officers learned she had a warrant for her arrest and took her to jail as well. Someone else had to take over caring for the dog.

Oct. 28

n A concerned citizen at McDonald’s called about a man with a holstered gun, who did not have a concealed weapons permit. Officers contacted the man, who was sporting a handgun holstered in plain view, not concealed. He was exercising his right to open carry.

n While patrolling for parking enforcement on 22nd Avenue, an officer located an unoccupied stolen Toyota Corolla. The vehicle was returned to its owner.

n A woman called to report her ex-husband took her vehicle. Officers learned the ex-husband is still on the title and had the legal right to do so.

Oct. 29

n A man was trespassed from a police officer’s property after he learned where the officer lived and showed up to complain about the police and his time in prison.

n An officer was flagged down by a road worker after a vehicle crashed into a road closure sign. Unfortunately, it was the road worker who was arrested after the officer learned that he was wanted.

n A woman called to report that a subject she had a stalking order against was standing near her home. Officers contacted the man and learned the stalking order had been dismissed after the woman failed to show up in court as required.

Oct. 30

n A mother called police after her son refused to go to school.

n A man was arrested after shoplifting from Bi-Mart.

n A citizen turned in a gun he found in the grass in the 3200 block of B Street. The gun turned out to be a fake.

n A woman on Ash Street called to report that an unknown person dumped two leather couches outside her residence. Officers arrived to find the couches gone but found a rotisserie chicken hanging on the doorknob of the residence. There are no suspects.

Oct. 31

n Someone drove a pickup into over 30 garbage cans around Forest Gale Heights scattering garbage everywhere. An officer helped homeowners by picking up cans and cleaning up the garbage.

n Police were called after a subject noticed concerning statements being posted on Facebook by a friend. Officers contacted the friend, who was upset about a break-up but insisted he would be alright.

n Two girls were arrested after they shoplifted from Safeway.

Nov. 1

n Officers spoke with residents on Willamina Avenue after they reported hearing tapping on their walls and windows three times in the last week around 10 p.m. Officers found nothing on a perimeter check of the home and are doing extra patrol. 

n A citizen called police for help after finding a young female chocolate lab stuck in a backyard pool. The dog was rescued from the pool but police were unable to find an owner. An officer transported the lab to the Bonnie Hayes Small Animal Shelter.

n Officers pinged a girl’s cell phone to search for her after receiving a report that she made suicidal statements on Facebook. They searched door-to-door in the area where the phone was pinging, and sent texts and placed calls to her phone with negative results.

n An alert citizen called police after they saw two men going inside homes under construction near the intersection of 26thAvenue and Kingwood Street. Police arrived and found the men along with a vehicle filled with tools, 14 boxes of finishing mud, 100 strips of bull nose cornering and other equipment. Officers determined the items were stolen from the homes under construction and both men were arrested for burglary and theft.

Nov. 2

n A woman came into the police department to complain that she believed she was being followed by drug dealers.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance on B Street where a woman was destroying property belonging to her boyfriend. The woman was arrested for criminal mischief. A second female at the scene was arrested for interfering with a police officer. 

n Police were called to check a green leafy substance in a local store believed to be marijuana. It was not marijuana.

n A man walked into the fire department for help and was twitching and moaning. Police thought he might be under the influence of bath salts.  He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Oct. 21

n Officers responded to three separate restraining order violation complaints.

n Officers responded to a report of a female checking car door handles on the street and in a driveway. She fled the scene when residence motion lights turned on.

Oct. 22

n A citizen called with questions regarding a divorce. Officers provided resources regarding civil process and contacts.

n Officers received two separate calls about a potential assault from both parties involved - a teenager and parents. Officers determined no crime occurred.

n Officers responded to a report of a staggering intoxicated male, reportedly walking towards. Officers did not locate the subject.

Oct. 23

n An officer addressed a complaint about a roommate, but determined no crime occurred.

n A man called to report that he is harassed when he goes outside to smoke. Because there are other people in the area, police advised him to find another place to smoke to avoid further confrontations.

n Two bicycles were stolen from a shed. One was recovered nearby.

n Officers responded to a residence at the request of child services. Officers determined the home needed to be cleaned immediately, but no crime was occurring.

n Officers arrested two subjects for theft. One of the subjects was lodged at the Washington County Jail for an unrelated warrant.

n Hillsboro Police requested that a Cornelius officer check a residence for a vehicle related to an earlier hit and run accident. The officer located the vehicle and contacted the driver, who acknowledged driving. Hillsboro Police officers arrived and arrested the subject.

n An officer located a subject and issued a stalking citation for a previous report.

Oct. 24

n Officers responded to a report of a male smashing mailboxes, tearing off no smoking signs, damaging plates on vehicles and stealing. The arrested him.

n Officers responded to a report of someone being shot. Officers arrived and determined this it a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The incident was deemed a suicide by police and the medical examiner.

n Officers responded to a local church regarding a reported burglary. A stereo and sound equipment was taken from the church. Washington County Crime Scene technicians assisted with the collection of evidence for analysis.

n Officers delivered a death notification from Iowa.

Oct. 25

n Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. Officers arrived and contacted the involved parties and determined there were no injuries.

n Officers contacted a complainant who sought to have a resident trespassed. Officers explained Oregon laws and directed them to civil procedures.

n Officers responded to an incomplete 911 call. Officers arrived and found no problems and contacted persons at the location.

Oct. 26

n Cornelius police responded to assist Forest Grove police with a fight reportedly involving a baseball bat.

n A citizen reported that a residence was egged for the second time.

n Police responded to a reported theft. A subject fled from store employee(s) after throwing stolen merchandise at the employee. Subject did not retain any other stolen property. The subject was last seen running from the area. Officers did not locate the subject, but will review video surveillance to identify the theft subject.

n An officer responded to a report of a loud party. Officer arrived and contacted the subjects. Peace was restored.

n Officers responded to a reported disturbance between a male and female. Officers advised both parties to remain separated for the night.

Oct. 27

n Minutes after officers cleared a call, they were again dispatched to another verbal dispute involving the same persons. Officers again advised persons to remain separated and to try to resolve issues in the morning.

n Police were called to a report of a loud party where teens were drinking. Officers arrived and determined all persons who were drinking or intoxicated were of age.

n Police cited a woman for following too closely after she crashed into the rear of a vehicle, which slowed down for another vehicle making a turn into a business in the 100 block of N. Adair Street.

n A five-year-old boy received minor injuries after a neighbor’s pit bull escaped from a fenced yard and bit the boy in the chest. The dog was captured and secured by the owner. The boy was treated by medical personnel at the scene, and officers referred the case to the Washington County Animal Control.

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