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Forest Grove police log

Sept. 18

- A family brought a stray dog home. It then bit a child, who needed medical attention.

- Police assisted a woman suffering from a mental health crisis who claimed her cell phone was attacking her flesh.

- A man reported that someone stole his backyard marijuana plants.

Sept. 19

- A citizen asked police for help finding a long-lost relative. Officers gave the person tips on Google searches that are helpful in locating people.

- A 15-year-old girl went to the beer section of a local market and urinated on the floor after she was denied access to a store bathroom.

- A woman who has been estranged from her husband for eight years reported that he was living with her for the past two months and threatening to take the house from her. Officers suggested she seek legal counsel.

Sept. 20

- A caller reported produce theft at the community garden. Police contacted the suspect, who said she was tending to her own plot.

- Police responded to a disturbance between a mother and adult son. The mother believes the son's girlfriend is no good for him.

- Police checked a car with a man passed out behind the wheel. They found the man asleep.

Sept. 21

- Police investigated a Craiglist ad for a home for rent. The home was already owned by someone else who lived in it.

- A caller reported a couple might be on drugs. They would yell at each other one moment and then act "lovey dovey" the next.

- Police received a call of a 6-year-old out-of-control child.

Sept. 22

- A gardener found a deceased man.

- While patrolling the Fernhill Wetlands, an officer found a man in a vehicle who had a warrant for his arrest. The man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

- A caller reported finding a camera in their daughter's bedroom. Police determined it was a cable connection and not camera.

Sept. 23

- A caller reported a pregnant female in distress or on drugs. An officer checked on the woman who was waiting for the library to open and was not on drugs or in distress.

- A caller reported that an officer on a traffic stop was rude and on a "power trip." A supervisor reviewed body worn camera footage and observed that the officer was completely professional, went out of his way to assist the caller and only gave verbal warnings and no citations. The caller stated they would notify the Newberg Police Department about this complaint even though the supervisor suggested this would not likely accomplish anything.

- Police responded to a domestic disturbance involving a bad breakup.

Sept. 24

- A man called to report that an unknown male was requesting nude pictures of his cousin via text. When police called the number, a female answered and then hung up.

- A citizen called to ask for a "special pass" to drive his ATV on the street to transport it since he did not own a trailer. Officers explained that no such pass existed and gave him advice about local trailer rental options.

- Police staked out an area after a subject ordered a pizza for delivery using a stolen debit card and asked that it be delivered to a non-addressed street location. Police found three subjects in the area and arrested one for theft after the phone number left for delivery was called and the suspect's phone rang.