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Forest Grove police log

Aug. 7

- Homeowners reported their home significantly damaged after their cat got locked in the bathroom and managed to turn on the bathtub water. No charges are being filed.

- A man drove to the police department to report his girlfriend was suicidal. Police contacted the girlfriend, who said she was not suicidal. She said she could not understand why her boyfriend drove to the police department to report this, especially since he had been drinking. The boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

- Police checked on a man reportedly without a shirt, screaming loudly and pushing a shopping cart. Officers asked the man to quiet down.

Aug. 8

- A man called police when his uncle’s roommate confronted him and backed him into a bathroom. According the roommate, he had caught the man in his room “blessing his pants” and told him to get out.

- Police responded to a domestic disturbance between mother and father after their 8-year-old child called police.

- A caller reported two suspicious vehicles that kept driving very slowly around the caller’s neighborhood. Police located both vehicles. The occupants were out chasing Pokémon.

Aug. 9

- A resident asked how she could file harassment charges against a caller in an attempted IRS scam.

- A caller reported a woman with a baby near Safeway who said she was homeless and asked if they could sleep on her couch. When officers arrived, the woman did not want any help from police and boarded an eastbound bus.

- While walking his dog on Elm Street, a reportedly intoxicated -man followed the caller and told him he wanted his dog. The caller recognized the same man from earlier, where he followed him around trying to talk to his dog. The caller was told to call police if the man attempts to contact him again.

Aug. 10

- A caller reported their 22-year-old son trying to steal things from their home.

- Police contacted a man who wanted to report the theft of pool sticks. The man then accused the police of harboring the suspects. Police deny the accusation.

- Police found a man so intoxicated, he was unable to respond to questions or say where he lived. The man was transported to a detox center.

Aug. 11

- A man reported that his wife said she had just ingested an overdose of pills while he was on the phone with her. Police arrived and arranged for transport to the hospital. An officer stayed at the house with the woman’s children until a family member could arrive to take care of them.

- Police stopped a car with switched plates and arrested the driver after he was found in possession of heroin.

- A caller reported a male “bear hugging” a telephone pole. Police found the subject who was a very intoxicated 17-year-old. After a brief check-up at the hospital, the 17-year-old was lodged at the Juvenile Department.

Aug. 12

- A caller reported that an elderly female appeared to have dementia and could not remember how to get to the senior center. An officer gave the woman a ride to the center.

- A caller reported that approximately 50 people were playing Pokémon near the Barber Pole off of Main Street. The caller was upset that no one was doing anything about these issues.

- Police responded to a local assisted living center after an 85-year-old woman resident became violent and combative and assaulted two staff members. The woman was transported to the hospital.

Aug. 13

- A caller reported a drunk driver near Maple Street and 17th Place. An officer found the car and arrested the driver for DUII. Police later stopped a 28-year-old woman for allegedly driving while intoxicated. Later on, an officer stopped a man who had a suspended license for a past DUII conviction. He was also on probation for DUII and had a no-alcohol stipulation. Unfortunately, he was also allegedly intoxicated and was arrested and transported to the jail.

- A man called very upset believing that the police had towed his vehicle from a parking lot. It was actually a private towing company and the police had no involvement.

- Officers chased a man who ran after allegedly stealing a basket full of groceries from Safeway. Officers caught the man who was lodged at the jail for theft and interfering with a police officer.