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Forest Grove police log

April 3

- Police received a report that a man in his housing complex was drunk and screaming. Officers found the suspect, who was very intoxicated and wanting desperately to go to jail. The man was told to quiet down and stay inside, but was eventually taken into custody for detox.

- Police were asked to assist fire department personnel in responding to an unconscious male who unintentionally overdosed on pills. The man was revived and transported to the hospital.

- A concerned mother asked for advice on how to handle her daughter who was acting out — specifically, whether she could spank the girl. The officer told her that spanking is not advised, but is not criminal conduct as long as it does not cause injury.

April 4

- A woman complained that neighbors had been harassing her on social media, but she couldn't provide any proof. Police talked to both parties and advised them to leave each other alone.

- A nurse from a local hospital asked officers to check on a patient who left the hospital against medical advice and with an IV still in her arm. Officers arrived at the patient's home but were not able to contact the patient herself. They left contact information with a roommate.

- A caller reported that she had returned home after two weeks away in order to move her belongings out to find her roommate, who was also the landlord, had changed the locks. To the woman's frustration, the landlord stated the woman could move things when he returned from work. Officers advised that waiting until roommate was home was probably the best idea.

April 5

- A man reported several hundred dollars in cash missing from his wallet along with the woman he had invited to spend the night in his hotel room.

- A man attempted to pass a counterfeit $100 bill to pay his city electric bill. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

- A new homeowner called after finding a bump in the back yard that appeared to be something or someone buried in the spot. The officer assisted in excavating the area but found only dirt.

April 6

- A caller asked that police check on a friend who posted via Facebook that he was having chest pains and then stopped responding. Officers quickly found the friend at a residence and called for medical assistance.

- A concerned caller reported that a family member was considering "suicide by cop" but didn't have a gun. Officers contacted the man, who denied wanting to hurt himself.

- A man called police after returning home from vacation and mysteriously finding his television turned on.

April 7

- Police checked on a man near Highway 47 and Pacific Avenue who could not stop moving. The man threw his glasses and shoes into the street and was yelling things that did not make sense. Police determined the man had overdosed on methamphetamine and arranged for transport to the hospital.

- A man reported buying a cellular phone at Goodwill. He said the phone was telling him it was stolen.

- Police received a call from a crisis center online with a subject claiming to be armed with a gun and suicidal. Officers responded to the address and contacted the man who denied having a gun and being suicidal. The man stated he was going to drink another beer and go to bed and required no further assistance.

April 8

- A citizen found a 2-year-old child wandering around and called police after being unable to find a parent. Officers found the parent at a large family gathering down the street. No one was aware that the child had walked off.

- A woman called police to complain that her parents were calling her every two minutes threatening to kidnap her. Officers feel there may be some mental health issues involved.

- A caregiver reported being bitten by a resident. The resident felt the caregiver was being disrespectful.

April 9

- Police assisted medical personnel with a female who had been drinking, smoking marijuana and using some other unknown substances. She was transported to the hospital. Meanwhile her male companion became upset because she was receiving medical assistance but could not explain why he was upset.