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Forest Grove police log

Feb. 28

- A caller offered to assist police in finding the source of the ‘strange noise’ in a network of underground tunnels he stated were installed in 1908 to allow actors to travel through town to an opera house in Forest Grove without getting muddy or to transport bodies to a local morgue. The caller stated he had been in the tunnels and believes electric fans could be shorting out due to moisture, possibly from an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Police suspect the caller may be experiencing symptoms of mental illness.

- Police received a report of flashlights being seen inside a bank-owned home. Officers arrived and discovered the lights were from the new homeowner and new contractors.

- An upset woman called to report that her neighbor yelled at her.


Feb. 29

- Police received a report regarding their child being bitten while at school. An officer arrived and learned that child was bitten by her 21-year-old sister. Officers contacted Department of Human Services and developed a safety plan.

- A man called to report that his ex-wife was posting negative and threatening comments on Facebook, and followed him to an appointment where she caused a scene. Officers advised the man to consider obtaining a restraining order.

- A caller reported hearing a loud boom followed by a voice saying, “Are you okay?” Officers reported to the site and surrounding area but were unable to find any signs of a crash.

March 1

- Officers assisted a 90-year-old woman who was experiencing breathing problems after ingesting edibles containing marijuana, which she was told would help with glaucoma.

- A caller reported seeing a vehicle driving erratically down the street and throwing things out the window. Officers did not locate the car, but suspected it was the newspaper delivery driver after seeing newspapers in the nearby driveways.

- Police responded to a call of a man locked out of his residence with his 7-year-old son inside. The man told police he was investigating something outside but that door shut and locked behind him, that he had beat the door with a bat to get back in, and then kicked open the back door to gain entry. It was further discovered that the man was on pain killers, and had recently consumed pot and vodka.


March 2

- A concerned citizen was informing passersby’s on the street that “Spice” (synthetic cannabis) is bad for one’s health and needs to be off the market because it doesn’t have real THC in it.

- A man, who had locked himself out of his house the night before, called the police claiming people were hiding in his garden shed. Officers arrived to find the man trying to break the lock on the shed to get to the people. Officers obtained a key and found the shed empty. Believing the people had moved to under the floor, the man began pulling up floorboards. The man admitted to taking meth that morning. Police took the man into custody for his own safety and the safety of others.

- A woman reported that her 14-year-old daughter had taken her cell phone and $15, which the daughter admitted she used to purchase snacks. The daughter was referred to county juvenile detention services at the mother’s request.


March 3

- A man reported that his ex-girlfriend indicated she was going to kill herself. Police contacted the female, who stated she was fine and that her ex-boyfriend was just jealous.

- A caller reported an assault with a victim throwing up blood. Upon arrival, officers found two extremely intoxicated subjects who could barely stand. One of the subjects had fallen several times and was bleeding. While being treated by medical personnel, the subject began kicking at firefighters and emergency medical technicians. The man was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

- A woman reported to police that her leg died the previous day and that she had written her congresswoman.

March 4

- An off-duty Forest Grove officer witnessed a man shoplift beer from Safeway. The man was later arrested.  

- A man at a local convenience store called police after seeing another man with a holster on his hip. Officers explained open carry laws.

- A resident called police to complain that a neighbor was dumping garbage into her receptacle. Police advised the neighbor to stop it.

March 5

- A university student with a South African driver’s license called to see if she could drive to Portland. An officer advised that it might be a good idea to go to DMV and learn about Oregon traffic laws before getting behind the wheel and she agreed.

- A man allegedly was asking people to trade bus money for methamphetamine near a local establishment. Police looked for the subject but did not find him.

- Police responded to an apartment on a noise disturbance and found people dancing. They were advised to turn down the music and close the windows.