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Police log

Nov. 30

n A man reported alcohol poisoning after drinking four bottles of rum in two days. He was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

n A man drove by his mother’s home and thought a burglary was occurring when he saw a group of people moving items out of the house. The man got out and began fighting with one of the subjects before finding out the group had permission to be there. They were helping out another occupant of the house.

n A man called police after watching another man punch his girlfriend. Both the boyfriend and girlfriend were having an argument and adamantly denied any physical contact. The caller admitted he might have been mistaken about seeing the punch.

Dec. 1

n A caller notified police that they had a duckling in custody in their vehicle trunk. They were afraid the duckling would get hit. Officers advised they let the duck out in a safe place.

n An officer found a stranded motorist out of gas on Gales Creek Road near Willamina Avenue and gave them a ride.

n Officers arrested a shoplifter at Bi-Mart.

n A driver was cited for making a dangerous left turn during a traffic-crash investigation at 19th Avenue and Hawthorne Street.

Dec. 2

n A caller reported his ex-girlfriend called and said she was on her way with crow bars to beat him up. She showed up but without the crow bars. Words were exchanged but she left peacefully.

n Officers assisted with an aggressive patient at a local rehabilitation center who refused to take their medication.

n Officers responded to an aggressive female patient fighting with staff at a local care facility.

n A woman called for advice after her daughter’s ex-boyfriend threatened to punch her.

Dec. 3

n Security personnel called police because two people had been locked in a restroom at McMenamins Grand Lodge for more than 30 minutes. Police contacted the man and woman after they left the location. They were both uncooperative, and told not to return to McMenamins.

n Officers contacted individuals after they rolled a WalMart shopping cart into Taco Bell. The subjects were taking items home and returned the cart.

n A woman called for assistance after her brother became paranoid and locked himself in his apartment.

n A caller phoned police after a neighbor yelled profanities at them regarding loud music.

Dec. 4

n Police arrested a man after he allegedly admitted to stealing his own mother’s purse. 

n An officer stopped a man for a traffic violation. The man did not have a driver’s license and offered his brother’s name and date of birth. Instead of a traffic ticket for not having a license, the man went to jail for giving false information to a police officer and identify theft.

n An employee at a local establishment called for assistance after a man walked in appearing distraught and confused. The man was transported to the hospital for a possible anxiety attack.

n A caller reported hearing banging noises and soft male voices in an alley behind his apartment. Police were unable to find anyone.

Dec. 5

n A caller reported receiving unwanted text messages from her ex-husband.

n A man reported losing his rifle while hunting.

n A woman called police with concerns about her boyfriend, who allegedly made some suicidal statements to her since they were breaking up. Officers checked on the boyfriend and found him okay with his wife and children. He told officers he was no longer sad about the breakup with his girlfriend.

n A woman wanted to file a police report about a landlord refusing to unclog her toilet. Officers politely explained to the woman that this was a civil issue and not a police matter. She responded by flipping the officers off and walking back inside her residence.

Dec. 6

n A woman was arrested after a witness observed her spray-paint several vehicles on Main Street. She was arrested for criminal mischief.

n A caller reported that a friend was sending vague text messages that he might want to kill himself but was unable to say where he was.

n An iPod was stolen from a room at a local retirement facility. The investigation is continuing.

n Police responded to a local establishment on a report of a female fighting with others outside of the location. Officers found the woman and arrested her for disorderly conduct and transported her to jail.


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