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Forest Grove police log

May 22

- Police responded to a local assisted living facility to help resolve a disagreement between two men about whether the door should be open or closed.

- A caller reported a woman — wearing tight and revealing clothing and possibly intoxicated — was dancing in the street. Officers found the woman had not been drinking and was just rocking out to an internal soundtrack. Officers suggested she make the sidewalk her dance floor instead of the street.

- A Washington County corrections facility staff members reported that a woman brought in several documents, including sensitive materials and account information, from a Forest Grove church. Officers are investigating.

May 23

- A man called for advice on how to handle derogatory things that might be posted on the Internet about him.

- Officers contacted a driver who was parked sideways in the roadway with two children in the car. Police discovered she was using Wi-Fi from a nearby business, driving with a suspended license, and did not have appropriate car seats for the children. The driver further admitted to using meth in the last week. The driver's mother arrived with seats to take the car and children.

- A woman reported that a solicitor came to her house and offered to clean various items in the home. Although the woman declined the offer, the solicitor said he would return in an hour. Police advised the woman to call if he did return.

May 24

- Officers located and extinguished a bark dust fire.

- Police responded to a 911 call from a caller located at a public school. Officers found two kids playing with a phone during an extra-curricular activity. Students were told to cease and desist.

- A concerned caller reported a woman loitering around the home of neighbors who were out of town. Officers found the woman sitting in the driveway, claiming she owned the house under an

assumed name while on assignment for the CIA. She

left the area of her own volition.