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Forest Grove police log

March 6

- A caller reported seeing a suspicious vehicle possibly stealing gravel from the side of the road.

- Officers responded to a call that a young male, shoeless and dressed in shorts, was wandering around banging on mailboxes, possibly high on drugs. Police contacted the teen who was having girlfriend problems and helped him return home, advising parents of the situation.

- An elderly woman reported that her apartment had been broken into, but did not know her apartment number or phone number. Officers learned the woman had dementia, but found no signs of intrusion at her residence.

March 7

- Police responded to a call that a 17-year-old was “cussing up a storm.” The girl was upset because her mother was making her turn in her cell phone at night. Officers suggested that the girl follow the rules at home.

- A man called to report he was not feeling well after drinking a couple of 40-ounce beers. He was transported to a hospital.

- A caller reported that a woman was crying on her porch. Police arrived and learned the woman had been jumping in front of cars yelling, “Hit me!” Officers took her into custody for her own safety.

March 8

- A caller at a residential treatment facility called for assistance after a resident believed they were a goat or Saddam Hussein. The resident also had delusions that they would destroy the universe. Referral was made to a crisis center line for more options.

- The manager of a local establishment reported that an employee, who was not on the clock, had showed up at his workplace with a beer in hand and attempted to enter through the back. While being asked to leave, the employee pushed the manager and officers arrested the employee for harassment and trespass. His employment was terminated.

- A woman called police for advice on how to deal with her 17-year-old daughter.

March 9

- A caller requested police assistance after a friend that was allowed to crash on the couch for a couple of weeks overstayed their welcome and refused to leave.

- A passerby saw what appeared to be an intoxicated man in a Superman outfit having problems walking. Officers were unable to locate the man of steel, last seen in the area of Highway 47 and Pacific Avenue.

- A caller reported another man was in his apartment refusing to leave. The caller then reported the man broke in through his bedroom window and he didn’t know who he was. The caller then said the man was asleep on his couch. Although the caller was known to have mental health issues, police did find a man in his residence that claimed the caller told him he could stay there. The man was told to leave the residence.

March 10

- A woman reported a juvenile who was sitting on her stone wall and told him to leave. The juvenile admitted to yelling an expletive at the caller and threatened to sue her for harassing him.

- A local convenience store clerk called police after a man entered the store claiming he ran out of gas, needed hot water and didn’t want the clerk to tell anyone he had been there.

- Officers assisted an elderly blind man find his way home.

March 11

- A concerned mother called police to report that an 18-year-old male was talking to her 14 -year-old daughter via phone and chat. The mother also found pictures of them kissing. The officer offered to give parental advice on keeping the two apart but the mother was not interested.

- Police checked into concerns of a child who crawled out of a downstairs window. The parent was contacted who advised they would be getting window locks.

- During a traffic stop, an officer learned that the driver was violating a domestic assault release agreement as his victim was in the car with him. He was arrested and taken to jail.

March 12

- A woman called to report that a man tried to get into her car while she was in a parking lot with the car running. The man took off running when he realized the car was occupied. Unfortunately, the woman called her mother first before calling police and officers were delayed in getting the call by 20 minutes. The man was described as a white male in his 30s, medium build, wearing a black hat and black jeans.

- Police responded to a reported disturbance between a male and female with the female leaving in a dark-colored truck. Police arrived in the area and found a woman in a truck matching the description. Officers determined no crimes committed, however they learned that the female had a felony warrant for her arrest and was driving on a suspended license. The woman was lodged at the Washington County Jail.