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Forest Grove police log

Sept. 25

- A man was in the parking lot of a business armed with an ax and scaring people. He then stopped traffic on Pacific Avenue. Police arrested the man and lodged him at the Washington County Jail for disorderly conduct.

- A woman called police after her fiancé pushed her and broke her pot pipe.

- Officers checked a suspicious vehicle at a multi-business parking lot and found a couple had arrived looking for a place to have sex. Officers advised them of the law and local ordinances.

Sept. 26

- An officer on night patrol observed an intoxicated subject walking to his car from a local establishment. The officer gave the man a courtesy ride home.

- Police responded to a residence on a report of an intoxicated man breaking furniture.

- A man called to report that his adult intoxicated son who was not allowed in the residence was now climbing through a window to get in.

Sept. 27

- A citizen reported a man lying on the sidewalk didn’t move after being kicked. Police checked the man, who was alive but unfortunately had a warrant for his arrest. The man was transported to jail.

- Officers responded to a disturbance between an ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend. The two had been living together and the boyfriend was supposed to be leaving but was dismantling the front door. The man told police he had been the one to purchase the front door so he was taking it with him.

- An officer checked on an abandoned baby kitten in the bushes near a residence. Unable to resist the kitten’s calls for help, arrangements were made with a helpful citizen who agreed to care for the kitten until it could be seen by a vet the following day.

Sept. 28

- Police checked on a man near the street shaking in a cold sweat who did not know his own name. The man was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

- Two subjects stole a case of beer from a local convenience store. Their conscience may have caught up to them as they immediately brought beer back to the store.

- A caller reported a “peeping tom” in the area of 17th Avenue and Birch Street over the past several weeks, described as a younger Caucasian male about 6 feet tall. While police will step up patrols, the caller was asked to call at the time the subject is actually seen.

Sept. 29

- A woman called to report that she was hearing voices in her head. She agreed to go to the hospital for an evaluation.

- Police received a call about a man running around in his underwear threatening people. Officers found the man and took him into custody.

- A woman called police asking for help finding her ex-boyfriend.

Sept. 30

- Police responded to a loud karaoke party.

- A caller reported seeing marijuana plants on the front porch of a residence. Officers told the homeowner their marijuana plants needed to be moved to the backyard or otherwise out of public view.

- Police checked on a man who was reportedly walking down the street and at times on private property yelling at random. Officers told the man to quiet down and to stay off private property.

Oct. 1

- A resident called police to report a man had been knocking on his door for thirty minutes. Officers contacted a person attempting to serve legal paperwork.

- A mother called police after her daughter started hitting her during an argument. While at the scene, the daughter made suicidal statements in the presence of officers. The girl was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital.

- A woman became concerned after her son was stopped for a license plate violation. She believed that she would be arrested because of the license plate issue. She was assured no warrant would be issued over a license plate violation.