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Forest Grove police log

July 24

- An anonymous caller complained about the “epidemic of Pokémon” at a local park. The caller also said the epidemic was making a mockery of the criminal justice system. The caller wanted the police to clean this activity up.

- A woman complained after a neighbor asked if she wanted to perform a lewd act on him.

- A man called police after internet research revealed he had been emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend for the last eight months. The man wanted to turn himself in for this crime but was disappointed when police found no probable cause to arrest him. He then confessed to causing a physical injury to his ex-girlfriend’s child. Officers documented the man’s confession and detectives are investigating.

July 25

- A caller reported an ongoing issue with a neighbor. The caller was looking at the neighbor’s dog because it was off leash. The neighbor told her to stop staring. The caller believes her neighbor told her to stop staring because of her race.

- Police responded to a call about a problem at the Forest Grove City Library. Officers arrived and contacted a woman from Portland who wanted to report her stolen identity and people living in her attic. She was referred to the Portland Police Bureau.

- A woman called to report that she awoke from sleep in the middle of the night to hear loud sneezing on her back deck. Officers checked the area. They didn’t see anything or hear sneezing.

July 26

- A woman reported “really heavy screaming and yelling.” Upon arrival, officers found two neighbors in a verbal altercation. It started after one neighbor was having an argument with herself and a neighbor across the street told her to “shut up” because there were kids present.

- A caller reported that a man was taking photos of a 5-year-old boy in a swim suit. Officers arrived and located the man who gave consent to a search of his phone. Officers did not see any photos of the boy on it. The man said he was texting, not taking photos.

- A resident called police after learning a transient had taken up residence in her yard.

July 27

- The clerk at a local convenience store called police after a woman came in saying people were following her but did not want the police called. The woman then sped off in her car. Police later located the woman who wanted police to follow her home to Yamhill County then stay with her there. They told her they could not do that but offered pointed her toward local assistance.

- A caller reported that someone was outside her window wanting her to sign paperwork. She then talked about a job she had until June and about someone opening a phone in her name. An officer attempted to call the woman to find out exactly what she wanted to report but got no answer or call back.

- A bartender at a local establishment called to report some hostility and requested a police presence. Police learned one of the subjects left prior to arrival and may have been armed with a handgun.

July 28

- An elderly woman called to report that either the government or police were administering pain on her at night. Police deny any involvement.

- A man called police to report that he was sexually assaulted 28 years ago and wanted advice on what to do now.

- An employee of an animal-control service called police because a woman contacted them to report that she had evidence her cat had been sexually abused. She said she had footage on CDs. Officers told the employee to refer the woman to police.

July 29

- A caller reported that an intoxicated adult was trying to get some toddlers to fight. Officers found children near the road being watched by intoxicated grandparents. Officers contacted the father and strongly warned him about letting impaired family members watch his kids. Officers forwarded a report to children’s services.

- A caller reported that her roommate burst into her room and accused her of messing with his stuff. Police were unable to determine a crime.

- A caller reported hearing a male and female arguing. It turned out to a man playing video games online with the window open.

July 30

- A neighbor reported that an out of control 17-year-old next door was breaking things in his apartment and waiting for his brother to get home so he could beat him up. Officers charged the boy with criminal mischief.

- Police responded to a home fire with a man trapped inside. Officers were unable to gain access through the intense heat and smoke. Firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. Sadly, the man did not survive.

- Officers responded to the scene of a man who collapsed and was not breathing. Officers shocked the man’s heart with an automatic external defibrillator and took turns doing chest compressions. The man did not survive. This was the third death handled by emergency responders that day.