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Banks January police log

- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between and man and woman on Northwest Ashton Drive. He was arrested for harassment and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

- Officers responded to Northwest Market Street because a residence had an unwelcome occupant. Officers advised them it was a civil issue and talked to them about landlord-tenant laws. The unwanted roommate agreed to move out in 30 days.

- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother, daughter and son-in-law. No crime was committed.

- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between two screaming women on Northwest Market Street. One woman wanted the other out of the house. No crimes were committed. Officers responded to the same situation another time.

- An officer responded to a complaint on Northwest Devonmoor Avenue about a roommate harassing about rent payments. Officers told them it was a civil matter and gave them information about landlord-tenant laws.

- Someone stopped by City Hall and dropped off a wallet they found in a nearby field. It had a California ID in it. It looked like it had been damaged by farm equipment.

- A caller at Northwest Jarvis Place received unpleasant text messages about a dissolution of a business. There were no crimes yet committed.

- A caller had two tires popped on Northwest Jarvis Place.

- A caller on Jarvis Place found a dead mouse on their car.

- A man overdosed on pills on Northwest Broadshire Lane. He was taken into protective custody.

- A caller reported a domestic disturbance at Jim’s Thriftway. The caller said their niece was potentially injured. An officer contacted both people and determined the fight was only verbal.

- A caller at Jarvis Place said he was receiving harassing Facebook messages from a man because he was talking to the man’s girlfriend. At this point, the officer said no crimes have occurred. Officers suggested the caller block the other man and consider stopping talking to his girlfriend.

- A caller on Northwest Sunset Avenue reported hearing yelling and what sounded like calls for help. Officers found a man down on the floor. He had been there several days. He was transported to the hospital.

- A person turned a found license plate into City Hall.