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Students head back to class

With Labor Day still to come, teachers welcome 6,000 pupils to the Forest Grove School District

School opened Monday for first- through fifth-graders, plus seventh- and ninth-graders in the Forest Grove School District. Tuesday, students in grades six, eight, 10, 11 and 12 showed up. Next Tuesday, kindergartners will join in. The staggered starts provide orientation time for students who have “graduated” from a younger school and moved up to the next building (Tom McCall Upper Elementary, Neil Armstrong Middle, and Forest Grove High schools).

NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: STEPHANIE HAUGEN - Sarai Ascension and her father walk to Cornelius Elementary School Monday, Aug. 29, for the first day of the 2016-17 school year. Sarai is starting first grade in Angie Carver's class.

Melanie Vazquez Gonzalez (right) is entering second grade and her sister Aleida Vazquez Gonzalez (left) is entering third grade. They walked into the front doors at Cornelius Elementary with their mother and little brother.

Cornelius Elementary students and their mothers look at class lists that show students which teacher they will be spending the year with.

Valery Lopez Flores is starting first grade this year and her little brother Bruno will be starting pre-kindergarten at Cornelius Elementary next week.