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Police log

Dec. 13

- A man called with questions about a woman he’s allowed to stay with him for the past two weeks. He believes she needs help and a place to stay but also wants her to leave.

- A neighbor saw a pickup drive through a neighbor’s front yard, taking out roses, a fence, a flagpole and a sign. The truck’s hubcap was found in the yard. The pickup was found at the police station where the driver was arrested the night before after he drove to the station while intoxicated to get assistance on a separate matter.

- A man called police after his own dog bit him. 

Dec. 14

- A man at an area assisted living center reported someone removed his sleep boots and socks and cut his foot in the process. Police found no evidence of a crime.

- Police responded to a disturbance between a man and woman where the woman pepper-sprayed the male. The man was uncooperative with police.

- A woman forced her way into a residence and tried to get her ex-boyfriend to leave with her. The ex-boyfriend barricaded himself in a bedroom as the woman tried to get in while calling police. The woman left prior to police arrival. There is probable cause for her arrest. 

Dec. 15

- A caller reported they followed a female in a vehicle to the area of Maple Street and 18th Avenue that had blown several stop signs and nearly hit several pedestrians. Police contacted the driver and arrested her for DUII after she showed signs of intoxication. Her blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit at .17 percent.

- A man reported that his cousin stole $2 from him and was now attempting to fight others in his apartment complex. Police arrested the man for theft and disorderly conduct.

- Police were contacted following multiple scam attempts including the IRS scam where a subject calls and threatens that police are on the way to arrest them for unpaid tax debt unless they send money. 

Dec. 16

- A resident of a local assisted living center called police to report sexual harassment by the facility maintenance man. Police contacted the maintenance man who explained that he simply peeked into the room checking the smoke alarms.

- A man called upset because two juveniles were “making out” in front of his driveway.

- Pacific University Campus Public Safety called to report odd circumstances concerning a 69-year-old male who was on campus trying to meet up with an 18-year-old student. The man was asked to leave the campus. 

Dec. 17

- Police responded to a report of an 89-year-old man threatening suicide. He said that no one was going to be able to talk him out of it. Police placed the man into protective custody and he was transported to the hospital.

- A man became alarmed after learning his mother-in-law took out a life insurance policy on him. The man wanted to have it documented in case something happened to him. 

- A subject reported workplace harassment after a co-worker threatened to have her husband deported. 

Dec. 18

- A man reported that someone pointed a green laser in his eyes as he was driving near Pacific Avenue and Maple Street.

- Police responded to a domestic disturbance where a man and woman were arguing over infidelity issues.

- A woman called to report that she saw someone sleeping in the secured apartment complex laundry room. She also reported seeing them get dressed and then observed them cleaning a chainsaw. Police found the laundry room empty but also found that someone had forced entry and jammed an object into the door to prevent it from locking. 

Dec. 19

- A concerned mother came into the lobby to report that her 16-year-old daughter was talking on the phone to a 20-year-old man. The mother, however, did not want to talk to her daughter about the issue nor have the police talk to her either. Officers advised the mother to talk with her daughter and perhaps block the man’s number if it really bothered her. 

- A concerned neighbor called to report what appeared to be a homeless man on the property next door. Police contacted the man who said he was there to do work. The homeowner confirmed this. She was getting an estimate for installation of a sump pump. 

- An anonymous and uncooperative caller reported excessive activity in the area of an apartment complex with ongoing drug problems. The caller told the dispatcher “she was no help” and wanted to know who to talk to in order for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to take over the Forest Grove Police Department duties. Police arrived and watched the area. Officers pulled over a car leaving the complex and learned they were new tenants just moving to complex, explaining the increased activity.  

Dec. 20

- FGPD assisted Hillsboro Police in the search for a missing person after her cell phone pinged in the area of Hawthorne Street.

- A woman reported her tires were slashed while she was away at church.

- A caller reported a traffic light stuck on red. Officers arrived to find rescue and ambulance vehicles in the area on a call, disrupting the light sequence.

Dec. 21

- An intoxicated man entered the liquor store and was refused service after he attempted to purchase more alcohol. The man left and managed to high-center his vehicle on a curb in the parking lot, allowing time for police to arrive. Officers arrested the man, who had double the legal limit of alcohol in his system. 

Officers assisted an 80-year-old woman clinging to a light pole. She was unable to walk in the high wind during the storm. An officer gave her a ride home.

- A man called police reporting a terrorist attack after someone allegedly poured human sweat on him. It was believed the man was suffering from mental health issues.

Dec. 22

- A woman reported that she had a friend watch her dog while she was in the hospital, but her friend was refusing to return the dog until she “got her life straightened out.” The dog was eventually returned.

- A woman reported that her husband was not returning her children to her. Officers explained that both parents had equal rights to the children. 

- A resident reported a suspicious car with a man sitting inside. Police contacted the man who explained he had just lost his home. 

Dec. 23

- A woman called police requesting to speak to “the tall, handsome detective.” Officials were able to determine who the woman needed to talk to.

- A caller reported a man with a flashlight trying to get into a car with the car alarm going off. Police arrived and determined the man was the vehicle’s owner and had locked himself out of his car. 

- A citizen reported the theft of their garbage can but could not be certain that the recent windstorm didn’t blow it away. 

Dec. 24

- A resident called police to report someone sleeping in their shed. It turned out to be the caller’s brother, who was transient, did not have a place to stay for Christmas and was not welcome. He was asked to leave. 

- A man’s estranged wife for more than two years finally returned home to the satisfaction of her husband but then became angry because he failed to take out the trash. After the wife became angry enough to start destroying things in the residence, the husband changed his mind and wanted her out. The wife agreed to leave.

- Police arranged for medical transport to the hospital for a man who sent an email stating he planned to end his life on Christmas day.

Dec. 25

- A resident flagged down a patrol officer to report that an unknown suspect had left hay and horse manure in their driveway along with a sign stating “Reindeer Rest Stop.”

- Police responded to a report of a woman in duress in a wheelchair screaming for help. Officers arrived and learned the woman’s cats had escaped and one had already been hit by a car. Officers helped the woman look for her remaining cats.

- Officers responded to an address after a boy called 911 and cried that he needed an ambulance for his mother. It turned out that his mother had an anxiety attack and passed out after becoming upset with the caller arguing with his brother.