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Police log

Jan. 10

- A man called for extra patrol around his home following an argument with his mother-in-law, fearing she would egg his car.

- Officers assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in a domestic disturbance between a father and son fighting about an iPad.

- A caller reported seeing a man with a felony warrant at a local establishment.  Unfortunately the caller waited 30 minutes before calling and the man had left by the time police arrived.

Jan. 11

- Police were called after a 15-year-old was reportedly out of control after being unable to spend the night with a friend.

- A 14-year-old girl showed up at the police station needing advice about how to take Tri-Met to get back home to Hillsboro. An officer gave her a ride to the transit station and gave instructions how to safely get home.

- A caller reported an 80-year-old man under a nearby train trestle. It was determined the man was a missing person from Forest Grove earlier in the day. The man was transported back home. 

Jan. 12

- A man called for advice about how to evict a 21-year-old woman from his residence fearing she would make a false allegation of inappropriate sexual contact in retaliation.

- Officer euthanized an injured raccoon that was giving a hard time to passers-by.

- Police responded to a bank robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank.

Jan. 13

- A woman contacted police after trying to evict a tenant for two hours. Police explained landlord tenant law to the landlord who became upset with the explanation and threatened to call the media.

- A woman found an ear print on the side of her house and thought it might be from her ex-husband.

- A caller reported that another subject was sharing an inappropriate picture of the caller to others. The caller originally sent the picture to the subject’s girlfriend thinking she was single. The subject and girlfriend were not impressed.

Jan. 15

- A woman complained that someone was urinating in her shoes.

- A man from an assisted living center called police believing someone poured a liquid substance on him. 

- Police responded to a domestic disturbance after a caller reported someone yelling about choking someone.


Jan. 16

- A man flagged down officers at the back of the police station wanting a ride to Gaston. Officers told the man they could not give him a ride to Gaston. The man then admitted that he had several warrants for his arrest. Police gave the man a ride to the Washington County Jail.

- Police checked on a woman after a friend reported she had just sent a text stating she had stabbed herself. Police found the woman in the garage with wounds to her stomach. She was transported to the hospital.

- An alert Tri-Met bus driver recognized a burglary suspect sought by the sheriff’s office and called police. FGPD officers contacted the subject and confirmed he was the wanted subject. He was detained until the sheriff’s office arrived to take him into custody.

Jan. 17

- A caller reported hearing cries for help near the corner of his building. An officer arrived on the scene to find a man in a wheelchair stuck in the grass and assisted him onto firm ground.

- A man called to report his son had come out of his room with a knife stating he “smelled evil.” Officers arrived and learned the son had been on a three-day meth binge, but had no desire to harm self or others, and no crime had been committed at that time. Officers believe the smell was possibly from the fried fish the family had for supper.

- Officers responded to a call about a suspicious person possibly breaking into machines at a car wash. On arrival, officers found a man making a phone call and hand-writing a to-do list. Officers had earlier encountered the man dumpster diving behind Dollar Tree.

Jan. 18

- A caller reported an eagle or possibly a hawk on the ground acting strange. Dispatch attempted to contact several resources to deal with the bird; however, no one was available due to the national holiday. It was determined the bird was not a public safety issue because it was just acting strange.

- A man reported that he received death threats and believed he was being followed for unknown reasons. Although a mental health issue was suspected, the man declined offered assistance.

- A woman called to report that the word “slut” was carved in the side of her car. She suspects her boyfriend.

Jan. 19

- An officer met with a man who was threatening to set his car on fire and relapse into drug use. The man said he had thought about overdosing and had been drinking heavily. After talking with the officer, the man voluntarily agreed to go to the hospital to get checked out.

- A woman reported a man had thrown a bike on the ground, threw things against a dumpster and then ran after her. The woman was able to safely leave the area, but the subject was unable to be located.

- Officers arrived at a non-injury crash at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and College Way. Both vehicles were towed.

Jan. 20

- A caller reported two suspicious persons near 22nd Avenue and Hawthorne Street. The two individuals were, in fact, out of fuel and trying to flag the caller down for help. Officers assisted with a courtesy transport to a local gas station.

- Officers responded to a call from a man who reported his son had hit him. On arrival, officers found visible injuries to the eye. The son initially refused to talk with police but was arrested. He later admitted he had struck his father and was lodged in jail.

- Officers searched the home of a woman who returned to find her back door unlocked and was fearful of a possible intruder. Police searched the house and found no signs of attempted entry.

Jan. 21

- Officers responded to Tom McCall Upper Elementary School for a small fire related to a popcorn popper.

- A caller reported receiving a call from an “Indian sounding” male offering a federal grant, stating he was afraid that the grant and call may be related to ISIS.

- Police received a report that a child was banging on the front door of a house. It turned out to be the child’s house and that the child was fixing the door and had struck his thumb.

Jan. 22

- Officers assisted with traffic control throughout Forest Grove during a city-wide power outage.

- A driver fueled their truck at a local station, paid for the gas but left before getting change or taking the gas hose out of the truck. Police investigated the incident and the driver returned to the station the following day.

- Police responded to a residential fire on Brittany Drive. The tenant was taken to Tuality Hospital for injuries, her cat died in the fire. The fire is still under investigation.

Jan. 23

- Police responded to multiple college parties in town. Four minor-in-possession citations were issued, as were two citations for providing false information.

- A caller reported a strange male hiding behind a neighbor’s garbage can and in the neighbors’ vehicle. It was discovered that the suspicious male was actually the female who resides at location doing yard work.

- An officer stopped a man for a traffic violation on Gales Creek Road. The man had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest, and was immediately confront-ational, refused to identify himself and then told he was under arrest, which he resisted. Ultimately a

TASER was deployed and the subject was lodged for resisting arrest, failure to carry and present, and lodged at the Washington County Jail.