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Falling trees crush homes, cars but spare humans

A 9-year-old Forest Grove girl ran to what she thought was a “safe space” Monday when she heard a giant tree falling down outside her home — but it turned out to be the target of the crash.NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: TRAVIS LOOSE - Shelley Draper was making lunch when she heard crackling, snapping and a soft thud. An old oak on her property had fallen across the street and into a neighbors yard. It wasnt as loud as you would think, she said.

“I thought I was going to die,” said Itzel Martinez, who escaped injury even as the tree crashed through the ceiling of the living room where she huddled in a corner.

That incident, on Sills Court (near Willamina Avenue and E Street) was one of at least four fallen-tree calls in the city that day — none of which resulted in injury — including one on Yew Street near 22nd Avenue that crashed onto a parked car and also an SUV with two people in it, according to Forest Grove Fire & Rescue’s Facebook page. A giant old oak tree that fell on 17th Avenue near Cedar Street (top) crushed Dorothy Butler’s Christmas decorations and mailbox and also ripped out a chunk of sidewalk. Another old oak on Valley Crest Drive crushed a car.NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: TRAVIS LOOSE - Hank Ryan, who heard a tree crash through her neighbors home on Sills Court, said the crash was so loud it scared the nevermind out of me.

Fallen trees, wires down and other windstorm-related calls kept public safety officials busy Monday. Power briefly was out through much of the city, including traffic lights on Pacific Avenue and in homes on the west side of town.