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Police log

Dec. 26

- Police responded to a report of a man screaming at an elderly female in a vehicle. Officers contacted the man, who was yelling at his grandma.

- FGPD officials were contacted by another police agency out with a man experiencing a mental health crisis. The man claimed that he was drugged and sexually assaulted. Detectives are investigating.

- Officers were notified of a man trying to get into a pickup with evidence of what might have been extreme intoxication. Police contacted the man who was cleaning up spilled chowder in his vehicle.

Dec. 27

- A man called to report that his ex-wife was smashing out the windows of his vehicle with a crowbar. She apparently became upset after seeing his new girlfriend. The man ironically got angry with the police response and refused to press charges. Officers explained to the man that when someone calls 911 to report their windows are being smashed out, police are going to respond.

- Officers assisted a woman who cut her wrists, intending to end her life.

- A citizen called after finding a strange car in the driveway. The car was determined stolen from the night before.

Dec. 28

- Police responded to a local park and spoke with a despondent woman armed with a knife, who had called a crisis line. The woman dropped the knife and was later transported to the hospital. 

- A resident called police after finding a man passed out on their front porch. Police determined the man was intoxicated and transported him to a detox center.

- Police stopped a man who had left home with a bat to confront a suspect in a criminal mischief incident. Officers convinced the man to let them handle the matter.

Dec. 29

- Police located a man passed out under a park gazebo. It was the same man from the day before. He was transported to the hospital for alcohol overdose.

- Officers responded to a reported domestic disturbance with screaming and arguing. It turned out to be a 3-year-old child playing with his uncle.

- A woman called police after an unknown female arrived at the front door at 1 a.m. and demanded to see her husband. Apparently, the unknown female had a child with the caller's husband and wanted to assert her parenting rights.

Dec. 30

- Police were called to respond with the fire department to check an unconscious female vomiting blue liquid.

- Police checked on a man who called the crisis line and made odd statements about arming himself with a rifle to protect himself from anyone coming to his door. Officers contacted the man who did not have a weapon but had considering starting up a methamphetamine habit again since he had $500 million in savings. The man was advised that this would be a poor choice.

- A man at an assisted living center called to report hearing someone yelling for help. Police contacted the facility staff that stated a resident there often yelled for help but that it was normal.

Dec. 31

- A citizen called police after a friend stated he was going to be donating his organs. Police contacted the man, who was very upset with his life but cooperative. He agreed to go to the hospital.

- Police were called on a report of a man unconscious in a yard. Officers determined he was extremely intoxicated and transported him to a detox center. In another incident, a woman reported her husband was unresponsive and had vomited from alcohol consumption. Police responded to a report of a man lying in the road with vomit at this feet.

- Police responded to multiple alcohol-fueled domestic disturbances throughout New Year's Eve.

Jan. 1

- A man arrived at the police lobby requesting warming shelter. All area shelters were full. The man then complained of a medical issue and requested an ambulance take him to the hospital.

- Police checked a motel room after receiving a report that blood and drug paraphernalia were inside the room. Officers found no drugs and the blood was actually makeup.

- Police checked on a report of a female crying and upset that men were threatening to kill her. Upon arrival, officers determined the female was actually a male and preparing to use heroin. The man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail on drug charges.

Jan. 2

- A woman called for advice. Her husband's girlfriend is living in the residence she was still paying the mortgage on.

- A caller reported a man using a tool trying to break into a car. The car owner locked himself out of his vehicle.

- A local restaurant called police on concerns for a 5- and 9-year-old that came in and ordered their own food and appeared to be alone. Officers found the mother sitting in the parking lot.

Jan. 3

- Police were called to investigate a traffic crash where one of the drivers attempted to make a cash settlement on scene.

- A man called to report a burglary to his residence while gone on vacation. He suspects a fellow church member.

- Officers responded to a report of vehicles driving recklessly through the snow and found a car pulling a snowboarder.

Jan. 4

- Police looked for the source of a reported alarm beeping in the area. Officers tracked the sound to a garbage can on the street. It turned out a resident had replaced his smoke alarms and put the old ones with batteries still intact in the garbage. 

- Police were called to assist with cardiopulmonary resuscitation on an 88-year-old patient at a retirement home. Upon arrival, she was coming around and not in need of CPR.

- Police were called to a separate retirement home to assist medical responders en route to another patient needing CPR. Police found the woman deceased upon arrival.

Jan. 5

- Officers responded to a fight between father and son about the son's unemployment.

- A woman called to report that someone broke into her vehicle using a remote control and ripped her jacket. She told officers she believed the incident might be connected to a homicide. Officers determined the woman was suffering from mental health issues.

- A local business owner called police after two employees got into a physical altercation.

Jan. 6

- Officers assisted a 73-year-old man who reportedly overdosed on marijuana.

- Police took a 15-year-old girl to the hospital after she assaulted her mother and then threatened suicide.

- Police attempted to locate a man that was sending text messages indicating he was suicidal.

Jan. 7

- A man was taken into custody on a police hold after making death threats on Facebook.

- A woman went to 7-11 to send money to who she thought was the IRS threatening to her arrest her. She was stopped by the clerk who then notified police.

- A man entered the lobby to report that he was being followed by about 25 to 30 people. Officers talked to the man, who disclosed that he had been followed for the past few weeks and is starting to get angry about it. The man then admitted that he reads a lot of conspiracy related books and listens to conspiracy radio. The man was advised to quit consuming conspiracy media.

Jan. 8

- An elderly woman mailed a check to a subject who told her she had won Publisher's Clearing House. She became suspicious after getting a second request to wire another sum of money and contacted police.

- Two boys found a sum of money and did the right thing by turning it in to the police department.

- A man and his son argued and then got into a physical altercation over the son's lack of respect. The son was charged with harassment.

Jan. 9

- A citizen called with questions about how to handle a hoarder.

- A man reported a friend stole his dryer. It was determined there was no crime and that man was suffering from a mental health crisis.

- Police assisted medical personnel on a call of 22-year-old man who had reportedly overdosed on marijuana and alcohol. The man refused transport.


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