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Dinosaur mystery haunts local dentist office

NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: STEPHANIE HAUGEN - This dinosaur appeared on a popular Main Street office building over the summer. A dinosaur sighting in Forest Grove is raising questions.

Was it brought here by an avid fan of Jurassic Park II, where a Tyrannosaurus Rex enters a city?

Nobody knows.

The dinosaur showed up in July at the corner of 19th Avenue and Main Street, on top of the building that houses Main Street Dental and Kama’aina Hawaiian restaurant.

The dental office first learned of it from a patient who notified staff about it,

said practice manager Michele Bernards. Not long after, a

lot of patients were mentioning it.

Bernards said building owner Don Compton asked Kama’aina owner Kevin Yamada about it. Yamada thought Compton put it up there and Compton thought Yamada put it up there.

The case of the dino deliverer remains unsolved.

Perhaps the dog that lives on the roof of the feed store across 19th Avenue from the Main Street building wanted some company?