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Forest Grove police log

Feb. 21

- Police responded to a residence where an unknown 5-year-old child rang the bell and claimed he had run away from home. The boy took his mother’s wallet. Detectives reunited him with his mother.

- The owner of a local business called to report that their dumpster was being filled with other people’s trash. After a little digging, an address was found and officers were able to follow up and cite the dumper.

- A caller reported that his bank account was being drained after he responded to an email asking him to provide his credit card number, expiration date and security code.

Feb. 22

- Officers arrested the owner and director of The Elms retirement community on 20 counts of sex abuse and allegations of burglary. The arrest followed an investigation of five months.

- A caller reported that his 13-year-old daughter had been followed down the street by a male who repeatedly asked her inappropriate questions. While the girl was only approached once, the caller stated the male frequents the location.

- Police responded to an alarm at a building on Pacific Avenue. Upon arrival, police found that a dog in the building had triggered a motion-sensor alarm. Building staff were able to secure the animal.

Feb. 23

- Campus Public Safety reported numerous car break-ins in three different campus parking lots resulting in stolen cash and documents.

- Officers responded to a call at a local hotel where an employee reported seeing a woman sleeping in a couch in the middle of the parking lot. Officers asked the woman to move along, which she did without incident.

- A man asked officers to assist in removing a “crazy woman” from his hotel room. He wanted to remain anonymous, however, and refused to give officers the room number. This left officers few options for fulfilling the man’s request for assistance.

Feb. 24

- A man called claiming that his ex-girlfriend had been stealing from him and replacing the items with junk from thrift stores. Officers found a layer of dust on the items and no signs anything had been moved.

- Police received a call from an individual who was concerned he was being spied on by the police. He also said four males and a female came to the location in multiple vehicles and climbed a ladder to look into his window. He suggested that his neighbors don’t like him much and that it’s possible they requested the surveillance.

- A caller reported a bicyclist stuffed a large bag in a hedge and took off. The contents were discovered to be cans.

Feb. 25

- A caller reported hearing a male inside an apartment yelling and the sound of a young child. Police found a man who explained he was attempting to verbally correct his daughter’s behavior. His daughter was apparently playing with her food instead of eating it. 

- Officers were called to a domestic disturbance at a local bus stop and spoke with family members upset at each other for missing a bus for a scheduled flight out of Portland.

- A woman called police, upset that someone had posted a nude picture of her on Craigslist. She admitted that she gave the photo out and was advised against doing such a thing in the future.


Feb. 26

- The police department received calls from all over the world suggesting theories to the sound heard in Forest Grove after the story appeared on Inside Edition. Some left voicemails reading scripture. Other suggestions included going door-to-door checking septic tanks. Another caller was convinced the sound was coming from a now-defunct government research facility in Gakona, Alaska. Another was convinced it was the Amish using Apple devices via Direct TV in attempts to drive everyone out of the area in order to take over. The police have no credible information on any Amish takeover efforts.

- A woman called to report that a man called asking for money to remove a virus he confirmed was on her computer. The woman knew it was a scam since she did not own a computer.

- A man called stating he wanted to go back to the hospital for x-rays to see if the facility damaged his back after his back surgery. The man was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Feb. 27

- Police contacted subjects preparing to spray paint a vehicle near Fernhill Road and Taylor Way. Both were advised to move to private property to complete this job after officers confirmed the car was not stolen and was registered to one of the subjects.

- A man called police on questions about terminating a relationship. 

- Police stopped a vehicle on Pacific Avenue and found the driver to be under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs. Later on Highway 47, officers stopped another vehicle reportedly being driven by a drunk driver. This driver was also determined to be under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs. Both drivers face charges.