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Commission calls for action

Perhaps inspired by the yearlong discussion over whether to ban plastic bags in Forest Grove, the city’s Sustainability Commission — which first proposed the ban — sent a letter last week to the city council, asking councilors to create policies that will address six specific environmental problems: food production, climate change, habitat/species loss, and the problems with energy production.

“The Forest Grove Sustainability Commission request that the Forest Grove City Council acknowledges the following,” the final section of the letter stated. “The global problems listed above are serious and that they will have a serious impact on the people of the world, including the citizens of Forest Grove if not remedied expeditiously.

“Based on the serious global problems listed above we also request that the Forest Grove City Council act in a timely manner on proposed policies and recommendations made from the Forest Grove Sustainability Commission and other policies related to topics on sustainability. In addition, we request the Forest Grove City Council provide the leadership necessary to help the City of Forest Grove cope with these daunting issues.”

The full letter, posted at fgnewstimes.com, includes sections describing the threats posed by each of the six environmental issues.