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Forest Grove police log

June 19

- A resident reported noisy chickens next door.

- While officers were on a disturbance call, a woman walked up to complain she had been stung by a bee. Medical assistance was sought.

- An intoxicated man called to report he had committed a crime and needed to go to jail. Investigation revealed, however, no crime had occurred. Insisting on going to jail, the man took his pants off to try for an indecent exposure charge. This didn't work either. The man then threatened to punch an officer in order to go to jail. Police instead took the man to a detox center where he could sober up.

June 20

- A woman called to report people were in her attic. Police checked and found no one.

- A man called to report that an unknown suspect was throwing dog feces over his fence.

- A woman called to report she felt like she was going crazy and needed help. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

June 21

- A man reported his ex-girlfriend broke into his apartment while he was sleeping.

- Police responded to a man laying down in front of a laundromat. The man was found to be deceased with nothing suspicious to indicate foul play.

- A passerby reported a female using a porta-potty for a long time, then screaming at people. Officers arrived but were unable to locate the woman.

June 22

- A citizen reported a man riding a skate board and holding a baby without a helmet. Officers were unable to locate the subject or the baby.

- A man called to state that his wife attacked him. Officers learned she threw a remote control at him and struck him in the head.

- A caller reported that a woman had been harassing her and has opened cell phone accounts in her name. She further reported the woman was in a secret compartment in a room directly above her and had been talking to her and controlling her movements for more than 10 years, including when she lived in Memphis. Police believe the woman is suffering from mental health problems and made a referral for resources.

June 23

- A caller reported that someone tried to open her front door. Police arrived and found a man in the backyard of a neighboring residence stating he was there to do construction work. The man believed he was at a job site in Tigard and said he drove a truck to the location. Police learned the man had not owned the truck described in 10 years. The man seemed confused and lethargic and police weren't sure how he arrived in town. Officers called for medical assistance and he was transported to the hospital.

- A caller reported that a female was offering to show her body parts for money or cigarettes near a local convenience market. Police contacted the woman, who denied doing any such thing.

- A resident called police to report multiple kids throwing apples at each other. Police arrived and found kids but no apples.

June 24

- A concerned parent called to ask questions about their daughter possibly sending inappropriate selfies to an adult relative.

- A caller reported ongoing issues with a female neighbor who she used to do roller derby with. The former roller derby partner was refusing to return a book loaned a year prior and also kept roller skating in front of the caller's house.

- A woman called police after an unknown person from an online chat site asked her to flash the camera or a video of her would be posted to another social media site.

June 25

- Officers were called to investigate two separate deaths that appeared to be from natural causes.

- An officer pushed an elderly woman home on her motorized scooter after the battery failed.

- A man contacted police claiming to be a Forest Grove City Council member and wanted to complain about narrow streets. The officer learned the man was not actually on the council but instead served on one of the city committees. The officer explained he did make the decision on street width. The man said he would take the issue up with the mayor.