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Forest Grove police log

June 5

- Police responded to a report of a woman screaming. Officers actually found a man lying in the middle of the street yelling incoherently. The man told officers he had ingested "ecstasy." The man was taken into custody for detox.

- While on night patrol, an officer was able to put out a stump fire before it spread to dry grass.

- A caller reported seeing a man hit a "no parking" sign with his fist and knock it down. Officers arrived and found the man who was intoxicated and admitted to punching the sign, which broke at the base. He was lodged at Washington County Jail for criminal mischief.

June 6

- A 10-year-old girl reported an unknown man had entered her home. Officers immediately responded and completed a thorough search of the home and surrounding area. They found no one.

- Police checked on a woman sleeping in her car on an local street. The woman explained she was keeping watch for her runaway cat.

- A man called for police and medical assistance after a bloodied neighbor showed up at his door asking for an ambulance. The man was badly bleeding from a medical issue and was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

June 7

- Police responded to a disturbance where a man threw a canister of airsoft pellets at his girlfriend who was angry with him for using methamphetamine.

- While on the night patrol, an officer located a blind cat walking in circles in the middle of the street. The cat appeared well cared for and was clearly someone's pet. The officer took the cat into protective custody and transported it to a pet emergency clinic where it could stay until Bonnie Hayes shelter opened in the morning.

- Bushes were found on fire after smoke was observed in front of the "Smoke 4 Less" Tobacco shop. Forest Grove Fire & Rescue officials do not suspect the fire was intentionally set.

June 8

- Police responded after a woman reported her husband was suffering from dementia and starting to become violent. Officers learned the husband no longer recognized his wife and had become agitated. He agreed to go to the hospital.

- After clearing a traffic stop, an officer contacted a man and woman yelling at each other in the street. The officer noticed the man had somehow lost one of his shoes.

- A caller reported "Batman" was hanging out on the school grounds of a local elementary school. Batman left prior police arrival and no other super heroes were located in the area.

June 9

- Police located a visibly intoxicated woman drinking from an open container of alcohol on the street. She was taken into custody and transported to a detox center.

- Forest Grove Police Department officers assisted the sheriff's office in Cornelius on a subject that attempted to cut someone with a knife.

- An upset landlord called police after his tenant ignored his 30-day notice and then started building a structure in the back yard.

June 10

- A caller reported two people going door to door claiming to be from Frontier. Officers found the two subjects, who were going door to door and worked for Frontier.

- A resident called to report a loud argument, possibly a domestic disturbance. Police found a man who hit his knee on a table and yelled because it hurt.

- A man called 911 to report he was 18 years old and his parents were not letting him do what he wanted. Police contacted the man and gave him an adult lesson on what happens when you misuse the 911 emergency number for non-emergency matters.

June 11

- Officers watched a woman who was going down the road, walking into businesses, causing problems and getting banned from each one as she went. She reached a parking lot where she walked up to a parked semi-truck, opened the door and threw one of her socks inside. She was arrested for unlawful entry of a motor vehicle.

- A caller reported that her neighbor was harassing and intimidating her. She reportedly kept coming outside and staring at her apartment every five minutes.

- A mother became concerned after her son started coming home with new clothing. A check of his backpack revealed marijuana and baggies. The items were seized and the matter referred to

the county juvenile department.