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Police log

Sept. 25

- A caller reported someone at Safeway unlawfully selling kittens. It is not illegal to sell kittens.

- Police investigated a crash after a man fell asleep at the wheel and hit a parked car.

- A caller reported a 13-year-old girl wearing gray leggings dancing around and acting strange. She was reportedly last seen walking toward the dance studio.


Sept. 26

- Police responded to a loud music complaint that turned out to be a church band. 

- A woman was arrested for DUII after a traffic stop for failing to obey a stop sign. Her blood-alcohol level was double the legal limit at .16 percent.

- An intoxicated man was transported home by his mother following a drunken disturbance. Plans changed when the man tried to jump out of his mother’s car while it was moving. Police detained the man and transported him to a detoxification center.

Sept. 27

- An elderly man called to report that a female was inside his home leaning against a wall. Upon arrival, officers found just the man who appeared to be hallucinating and in poor health. Officers found the residence uninhabitable with both a water leak and what appeared to be a sewer leak. The man was taken to the hospital and other appropriate authorities notified.

- A citizen reported what appeared to be internal organs coming out of one of the FFA sheep at the high school. School officials checked on the animals and they were fine.

- Police checked on a woman who reportedly had not slept or eaten in two weeks. She was transported to the hospital. 

Sept. 28

- A man received a phone call from a subject who said there was a warrant for the man’s arrest and to immediately wire money to avoid arrest. Fortunately, the man realized it was a scam and sent no money. 

- Police responded to a domestic dispute about brownies.

- A man called 911 after his extremely intoxicated roommate locked him out of his residence.


Sept. 29

- Police responded to a report of a female screaming. Officers arrived to find a birthday party with several intoxicated guests. The birthday girl was also intoxicated and told officers to “(expletive) off” when they asked if everyone was okay.

- Police responded to a call about a woman experiencing a mental health crisis. She was climbing a ladder to get to the second story of a residence.

- Officers responded to a report of a man down on 19th Avenue. They found a transient who said he was just sleeping.


Sept. 30

- A father called for advice on how to get his adult son out of the house.

- Police responded to a reported fight between three males in the street. Friends were trying to keep another subject from driving intoxicated. All left the area on public transportation.

- Two women reportedly dumped a mattress and box spring in a field. Officers spoke to the women who stated they were “hiding” the bed in order to come back later and haul it away. 


Oct. 1

- A woman reportedly spent thousands of dollars on iTunes gift cards and sent it to a subject impersonating her grandson. Officers are continuing to investigate.

- A man went to jail for harassment and interfering with making a report after stopping his girlfriend from calling

911 several times during a domestic dispute.

- A woman called police to report a man calling her cell phone, calling her names and telling her to kill herself. The man apparently wants a relationship with the woman and the woman understandably is not interested.


Oct. 2

- A man was lodged at the Washington County Jail after he furnished two minors alcohol.

- A man called police after the home burglar alarm system went off and he started hearing noises upstairs. Police checked the home and found nothing suspicious.

- A caller phoned police to ask questions about the legality of the caller’s mother kicking her out of her home.


Oct. 3

- Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a male and female. The female was the aggressor in the incident, which started out as an argument over a bicycle.

- Officers responded to a physical altercation between a father and son over spilled orange juice.

- While arriving in the area on a loud party complaint, an officer observed a man running on top of a car who ran after seeing the police car. Officers told him to stop. The subject was a college student, who then made a series of poor decisions including resisting arrest and giving false information about his name and age to police.  The subject was lodged at the Washington County Jail.