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Fugitive shoots at police on Highway 26; later dies

ANDREW GARRETTE DEHARTA wanted violent fugitive who shot multiple times at police as he attempted to evade capture last week has died from injuries he received during a chase along Highway 26.

There were no injuries to law enforcement during this incident.

On Oct. 28, the U.S Marshals Office was tracking down Andrew Garrette Dehart, 36, who was wanted on a warrant for attempted murder, kidnapping and first degree assault conected to an incident in Clark County, Wash., according to Sgt. Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The Marshals were assisted by the Oregon State Police (OSP). They believed Dehart was armed and considered “very dangerous,” Ray said.

The Marshals located Dehart at an acquaintance’s residence in Seaside. As additional resources were traveling to the residence, Dehart drove away in a 2000 Ford Ranger pickup heading eastbound on Highway 26. The Marshals and OSP were at about Milepost 22 when Dehart apparently saw them and increased his speed, continuing eastbound on Highway 26.

At about Milepost 25 a few minutes after 10 p.m., Dehart began shooting from his truck at the pursuing law enforcement, Ray said. He continued shooting at law enforcement over a distance of about 17 miles. One patrol vehicle was disabled from being struck by Dehart’s bullets.

Three law enforcement officers posted further east received information that Dehart was fleeing and shooting at other law enforcement. Those officers “were able to exit their vehicles on the east side of the tunnel at Milepost 41” on Highway 26 and fired at Dehart, stopping the truck he was driving.