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Banks May police log

- Officers received a report of black spray paint graffiti on a sidewalk and fence.

- Officers responded to a rear-end crash on Northwest Main Street. A southbound vehicle rear ended a car that was stopped for a traffic light at the intersection of Oak


- Officers received information about a runaway out of Buxton. Someone had seen him the day before. Officers located the boy and returned him to his mom in Hillsboro at the Washington County juvenile department.

- Officers received a report of a car stolen from the Jim's Thriftway parking lot. Officers contacted the man at his home. They found the car parked on the other side of the Oriental Garden. He may have parked it there and forgotten about it.

- After the Banks Billiards closed, patrons of the establishment got into a fight in the NAPA parking lot. A female employee got into a fight with a female bystander. Both received minor injuries.

- A resident left their garage door open overnight on Northwest Devonmoor Avenue. Items were stolen from the garage and car.

- Officers arrested a man at a house on Northwest Atwater Court on a warrant

and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.

- An intoxicated ex-husband showed up to a residence Northwest Market Street. He got into a fight with kids hanging out at the residence. He was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail.

- A woman reported her car keyed in the parking lot of Jim's Thriftway.

- A northbound vehicle crashed into a car parked on Northwest Main Street.

- A caller reported two females yelling and cussing at each other on Northwest Market Street. The caller said this is a nightly occurrence.

- A northbound vehicle crashed into a truck parked on Main Street. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. They were cited for careless driving.

- A boy was jumped by another boy in Greenville Park. The attacked boy received minor injuries. The attacker was arrested for harassment.

- Officers arrested a driver near the intersection of Oak Way and Devonmoor Avenue on a warrant.