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Forest Grove police log

July 20

n Officers responded to calls of dogs reportedly left in hot vehicles.

n Police responded to a report a belligerent man bothering customers at 7-11. They responded to another call at a separate convenience store about an unwanted man.

n A mother called police to report her son as a runaway. He left the house after she refused to let him go to a party. 

July 21

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance where a woman poured juice on her husband. He retaliated by pouring beer on the front seat of her car. The messes were cleaned up with police on scene and no crime was committed.

n A woman reported she thought she was being stalked by a man who was flirtatious with her a month earlier. She just saw him not far from her home.

n Police and medical crews were called to an address after a barely-breathing unconscious female was found in the front yard. Police determined the woman took pills to attempt suicide. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

July 22

n A woman called to report a Craigslist scam but not before she sent $2,430 to someone in Arkansas.

n A woman called police to her home and demanded they arrest a customer who did not pay her husband, who mowed their lawn. The man apparently owned a lawn care company. When the officer asked to speak to the husband directly, she told them he was sleeping and angrily slammed the door. She later called to report she was being harassed by the police and repeatedly called the emergency 911 line. She also threatened to kill the police sergeant who was attempting to call her and hear her complaints. She was eventually taken to the hospital after she reached a manic state.

n Officers checked on a report of a man lying face down in the yard at McMenamins Grand Lodge. The man said he was just waiting for his wife to pick him up.

July 23

n A woman called police, upset by frequent telemarketing calls.

n A man called police to report his roommate switched out all his money with fake money.

n A resident reported someone poured anti-freeze or possibly motor oil all over their car, possibly stemming from a parking dispute.

July 24

n A citizen reported that a local ATM was distributing counterfeit cash.

n A woman called police to have her daughter banned from her apartment and from calling her.

n A woman called for help getting belongings back from an ex-roommate. The challenge was that the ex-roommate was currently in jail.

July 25

n After a man was found with a felony warrant, he ran from police. With assistance with a police dog, the man was eventually taken into custody near 17th Avenue and Elm Street. The man was treated for a minor dog bite and transported to the Washington County Jail.

n A man was contacted on A Street after he was reportedly acting odd. Officers found methamphetamine both in his system and on his person. He was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail.

n Police assisted the fire department in locating a subject who was having a seizure.  

July 26

n Police responded to Forest Gale Heights after a man complained a neighbor was picketing his home over a business dispute.

n Police responded to a reported suspicious “device” on the west side of the high school. The device was a plastic tube filled with concrete and had a rope handle coming out of each end. Police determined it was a weight to hold the soccer goals down.

n A woman called about concerns for the safety of her minor brother who was seeking online relationships. He was supposed to be meeting an adult male he met online. Police are investigating.

n Police followed up on a report that a man was suicidal after his fiancé called off their wedding. The man told his fiancé he was still going to be waiting at the church.


July 12

n A woman reported her car, which had been parked with the windows down, stolen from S. Beech Street. She then found it parked in a green space near the intersection of S.W. 331st Avenue and Tualatin Valley Highway with the stereo removed.

n Graffiti was reported on 12th Avenue.

n A man reported his vehicle stolen from the front of his house on Second Avenue. The car had been involved in a hit-and-run crash in Beaverton. An officer located the car in a parking lot on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

n An officer stopped a driver for a traffic infraction. The driver was then cited for driving with a suspended license and without insurance.

July 13

n Near the intersection of Magnolia Street and 10th Avenue, a driver was stopped for a traffic infraction. He was trying to hide an 18-pack of Corona beer between his legs. He was arrested for DUII after the officer found open bottles in the car.

n A motorist flagged down a deputy to report a low-speed hit-and-run near Adair Street and 10th Avenue. The vehicle was not located.

n Graffiti was reported at a vacant house on 13th Avenue.

n A homeowner reported a suspicious person. Officers found a boy hiding in the bushes and a bedroom window screen removed. He was charged with criminal mischief and returned to his mother.

July 14

n There have been multiple reports of graffiti near the intersection of 10th Avenue and Davis Street.

July 15

n Graffiti was reported on park tables on Heather Street.

n Toilet paper and plaster were placed all over a park restroom on Barlow Street.

n A vehicle was struck by an unknown driver in the Walmart parking lot on Adair Street.

n A suspect entered a home on Adair Street and stole several guns.

July 16

n Graffiti was reported near the intersection of 13th Avenue and Davis Street.

n There was a hit-and-run in the Cornelius 9 Cinemas parking lot on 26th Avenue.

n A person reported being chased by two dogs on Eighth Avenue and were bit by one while walking. Officers contacted the neighbors but they did not recognize the dogs. They advised the victim to contact animal control.

n Officers contacted residents of a home on S. Jasper Street after receiving a complaint about loud music and people.

n Four people who were involved in a fight several weeks earlier at Leo’s Lair on Baseline Street. They were all trespassed.

n Three signs were damaged from the Christian Prayer Center in 19th Avenue.

July 17

n A drive-by shooting on Davis Street caused damage to the vehicle. Police are asking for the public’s help.

n Someone removed the gas cap from a vehicle on 4th Avenue, stuffed it with paper and tried to light it.


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