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Forest Grove police log

Jan. 31

- A pizza delivery driver reported seeing a man in dark clothing stealing gas from a pickup. Officers located the pickup and an empty gas can, but found no hose or sign the vehicle was tampered with.

- Officers reported to a local business where a female transient had locked herself in a bathroom.

- A woman called to report her 15-year-old daughter was “having a nervous breakdown.” The daughter was upset because her boyfriend had not texted her.

Feb. 1

- A caller asked officers to check on the welfare of an elderly man who was hitchhiking on Gales Creek Road and not dressed for the elements.

- Police responded to a call that a subject had sliced her wrists. The cuts were found to be very superficial and not a suicide attempt. The subject was upset that her mother had left her home while she went on a trip to Washington. The subject was already receiving mental health care and was left in the care of her aunt.

- A caller reported seeing a man at a major intersection pointing his fingers like a firearm at passing motorists. Officers were unable to locate the individual.

Feb. 2

- A man was found lying on the ground scratching at the dirt and asking passers-by for food. He refused to identify himself but stated he was okay and looking for gold at the base of a tree. He was asked to prospect for gold elsewhere.

- An elderly man called stating he was fearful of things that were happening at his location, particularly a mysterious pounding on his back door and a neighbor who had visitors. The man decided he did not want to involve the police at that time, stating he had worked for the FBI and would seek their advice about the loud noises and invasion of privacy. Officers wished him the best of luck.

- Two teenage girls reported being followed home from school for several days by a man in his 20s. The subject was riding his bike alongside them asking their names. Officers advised the girls to walk home in groups and to call the police if they ever felt unsafe.

Feb. 3

- A man called to report a Craigslist scam involving a vehicle he sold to another party who is now reselling it and claiming in the listing that he is the “original owner.” The caller was advised that this was not fraud.

- A man reported that his ex-wife posted a very negative comment on his employer’s Facebook page. After reviewing comment, police determined the post was not harassing or criminal in nature.

- Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a man and his wife, whom he believes has dementia requiring his care. A neighbor had visited his wife. The man and the neighbor do not get along and the man wanted the neighbor to leave. He was advised by police that he cannot control his wife’s visitors.

Feb. 4

- A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was hitting himself in the head with a skateboard and was possibly injured. The ex was apparently upset over the break-up.

- A caller reported an intoxicated female was screaming at the neighbor and getting physical. Officers arrived and determined the very intoxicated woman slapped a neighbor who was attempting to stop the woman from driving. Police arrested the woman and transported her to the Washington County Jail.

- A subject called police to report getting hit by a car backing out but was not hurt. The driver reportedly did not see the subject but also questioned the subject’s intentions. The victim shed some light on the event when she asked the responding officer if he could get $20 for getting hit by the car.

Feb. 5

- A woman was reportedly on drugs in the area of a local convenience store where she had parked. Police checked the car and found drugs, cash and sex paraphernalia. The woman admitted being a prostitute and had just left a customer’s home. Subsequent investigation led to her arrest and later arrest of the customer.

- A woman reported that her friend was disabled and unable to leave her residence and that her boyfriend might have her locked up. Police contact the friend who reported she was fine and did not need any assistance.

- Officers responded to a disturbance between husband and wife. The wife was apparently upset because her husband did not treat her well.

Feb. 6

- A man reported that a female keeps texting him and he wants her to stop.

- A caller reported the driver of a white Kia holding a butcher knife and making stabbing motions inside the car. Police were unable to find the car or driver. A separate caller later reported that her ex-boyfriend was threatening to fight her new boyfriend. She reported her ex-boyfriend just left her residence and was driving a white Kia.

- Police responded to Safeway twice on reports of a suspicious man. One call concerned a subject possibly shoplifting and wanted to start a fight. Another call reported a man that followed a woman around the store with a creepy smile.