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Boone, Rose compete for seat in HD32

As part of our ongoing election coverage, the News-Times asked the two candidates in the House District 32 race to respond to several questions covering a variety of issues.

The two candidates are incumbent Deborah Boone, a Democrat from Seaside, and Rick Rose, a Republican from Warrenton who owns Rose’s Adult Foster Care and is vice president of the local Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

House District 32 covers far northwest Oregon along the coast south to Tillamook and east to Gales Creek, Banks and the outskirts of Forest Grove.

NEWS-TIMES: What, in your opinion, is the biggest issue facing state lawmakers in the next two years?

DEBORAH BOONE: Keeping Oregon on track to a continually improving economy; helping grow businesses and jobs, especially in the manufacturing and renewable energy sectors; and helping our schools achieve excellence and prepare our students for a global economy.

RICK ROSE: Continuing to identify and assist in economic growth and recovery. Address the deficiencies of the current educational system and improve our educational results. Look for long-term solutions to alleviate the financial burdens on the working class families of Oregon and improve the quality and cost of living in our amazing state.

NEWS-TIMES: What do you see as the biggest issue in your district?

ROSE: Funding for education, homelessness and helping to bring good family-wage jobs to the district that are not dependent upon the tourism industry.

BOONE: Being prepared for the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami event and to help build our economy with good family wage jobs. I am working with our community colleges and Oregon State University on building our work force in the manufacturing and energy sectors. Helping our students achieve success in school and helping them access higher education without crushing debt.  

NEWS-TIMES: Given the number of farms and food-producing businesses in your district, what are your thoughts on Measure 92, which would require mandatory labeling of food products containing GMOs?

BOONE: I first introduced a GMO labeling requirements bill in 2009. At the time, I was not able to get a public hearing for my bill. I have researched this issue and find that more people want to know what is in their food and seek out those products that are labeled with this information. GMO labeling is very common in many other countries and seems to be working fine.

ROSE: Measure 92 is misleading at its core. The FDA under the guidelines for labeling of organic products requires that all organic products cannot contain GMOs. The measure is a play by the organic products industry to manipulate the marketplace to force the competition into an unfair position. The non-organic industry will be forced to increase food costs while the organic producers will not have to change their product pricing, resulting in higher food costs, no real protection to the consumer and more difficulties for lower income earners to feed their families. 

NEWS-TIMES: If elected, what will be your approach be to representing District 32 which has a vast geographical area, as well as diverse demographic and economic factors?

ROSE: To ensure the people of the district are being heard and represented in Salem I will be establishing at minimum monthly conference calls with the local mayors, city councils, chambers of commerce along with virtual and physical town halls so the citizens of this district have a constant voice. This will also be the basis on which I formulate legislation and the votes to be cast.

BOONE: I have represented HD 32 for 10 years and it is a large area to cover. I put about 30,000 miles per year on my car attending meetings and visiting with constituents in my district.

I believe I have done a credible job representing the folks in HD 32. Whether responding to constituent problems with state agencies or advocating for constituents with legislation or representing them at the dozens of meetings and events around the district, I work hard and do my best to find solutions to their concerns.

I have helped our veterans gain access to the many benefits they have earned during their service to our country. I have worked with our senior citizens and people with disabilities to remain in their homes if they wish by supporting Oregon Project Independence and I have worked with our law enforcement sector to protect our children from abuse and neglect, human trafficking and sexual assaults.

NEWS-TIMES: Why do you believe voters would be best served by choosing you over your opponents?

BOONE: I have the personal knowledge of the issues that affect my district because I have lived here for over 40 years and have the experience of representing my constituents as their state representative as well as working for seven former legislators of HD 32 for eight years, for a combined total of 18 years of experience. 

I raised my family in this district, my children attended local schools, and I served as a volunteer firefighter for 16 years. I have served on countless boards and commissions as both a private citizen and public official over the years. I have owned businesses in this area since moving here and have experienced the same economic ups and downs as everyone.

ROSE: As a member of the community, I see firsthand daily the effects of poor legislation, taxation and misrepresenting the will of the people. I am not a career politician. A vote for me is a vote to bring common sense, bipartisanship and a voice for the people of our district.

NEWS-TIMES: Any other comments you’d like to add or issues you’d like to address if you are elected?

ROSE: It’s important to note that the current state of care for our elderly is in a sad state of affairs. We currently underserve and underpay for the care for these individuals. They deserve, after paying into the system their whole lives, more care and greater respect concerning their long-term care.

BOONE: I will continue to work hard for my constituents and help them navigate state agencies and services.

My work with our Legislative Coastal Caucus, a bicameral, bipartisan group of legislators who represent the coastal communities has resulted in bringing NOAA to Newport, building up the Northwest National Marine Energy Center; OSU, UW and UAK) and dredging our small ports along the coast. We act as a consensus building section of the Legislature representing about 10 percent of the assembly to get results and achieve successes for our communities and the state.

I will continue to work on the Oregon Resilience Plan as it moves forward to implementation and then phase two, the socioeconomic plan for recovery when disaster strikes.

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