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Forest Grove police log

March 27

- A man called police after a neighbor refused to return his Frisbee. The Frisbee was returned to its rightful owner.

- A woman awoke, startled to find a squirrel in bed with her. She called police for help with capture after it ran behind a dresser. After a lengthy chase around the apartment, officers were able to corral the intruder and later re-introduced it into the wild.

- A man borrowed his mother's car. The mother, who suffered from dementia, called her son to report that someone had stolen it. The son called police just in case his mother attempted to report the vehicle as stolen.

March 28

- A passerby reported seeing a female crying in the parking lot of McDonald's. Officers checked on the woman and learned she was upset after a breakup.

- A local business called after locating an abandoned teddy bear in the foyer.

- A man called to report the theft of his cell phone. He suspects his female friend.

March 29

- A resident called for police after a opossum and babies were trapped in a garage. The animals were safely escorted out of the garage without loss of life.

- Police responded to a 9-year-old out of control. They were able to calm the child down and then offered the mother various resources.

- A woman called from out of state concerned that her daughter might have been assaulted by her boyfriend. Police arrived and determined she had been assaulted. Officers arrested the boyfriend and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.

March 30

- Police responded to a disturbance between a mother and son about the fact that the son would not get a job.

- A man called for police to check on his ex-wife. When he called her, all he could hear was strange noises. The man called his ex-wife's boyfriend who also reported the same weird noises when he tried calling. Officer checked on the woman and found her napping.

- A woman called for police to check on her mother, who was being harassed by a nephew. She couldn't get a hold of her mother. Police found the mother napping.

March 31

- Police responded to a verbal argument between two neighbors over long-brewing disputes surrounding a smoking area at an apartment complex.

- A man reported hearing someone yell a loud profanity while he was out walking his dog. Officers checked the area but found nothing.

- Police assisted the fire department with a woman suffering from mental health issues. The woman refused assistance from both police and fire.

April 1

- A woman reported receiving unwanted Facebook messages from her mother in California. Police explained that she could block her mother from sending messages or "unfriend" her.

- A woman called to request 24-hour, seven-day-a-week surveillance of her home because members of her church were bullying her. Officers told her they could do extra patrols but not 24/7 surveillance.

- A man called to report that another man had just offered him drugs. While looking for the suspect, the man called 911 to report that another man had just offered him drugs. The man flagged down the officer looking for the suspect to say that the alleged drug dealer was now calling him. The man finally admitted that he was perhaps already on drugs.

April 2

- A man reported his 12-year-old daughter had been cutting herself for the last month. He wanted to report it so that he did not become suspect in a child abuse case. Police arranged for transport to the hospital for a for mental health evaluation.

- Officers checked on a disoriented elderly female who did not know where she lived. Officers found her residence and gave her a ride home.

- While on patrol, an officer was flagged down by a man with information he wanted share with police. The man told the officer that he was going to invent a bullet-proof vest, which would make bullets fly upwards and away from the body.