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Creating the perfect mantel for every season

Easy DIY projects welcome the holidays every day

A warm holiday fire enjoyed by laughing loved ones and loyal friends.

Is there any better way to spend a winter night? At the center of that heartwarming experience is your fireplace mantel, decorated exactly how you like it.

The mantel is a versatile design piece in any room. It offers extra space for displaying photos or decorations. It can be painted to match your décor. You can even lay its surface over with brick or other materials that really make it stand out.

Less is more

One of the best designs you can execute with your mantel is one of simplicity. Around Christmastime, you can sprinkle your mantel with small, elegant holiday decorations to put you and your guests in a perpetual holiday state of mind.

Stockings have, of course, been the most long-standing design pieces associated with the mantel, so choosing decorations that match you stockings’ color scheme can magically pull the entire design together.

Bring in nature

Designing your mantel with touches of pinecones, evergreen or even fallen leaves can bring nature indoors. Fill a vase with alternating layers of dried leaves, cranberries and faux snow to create an innovative nod to the winter elements.

Using tree forms made out of leafy garland above or around the mantel is a great way to blur the lines between the inside and outside world. Fresh fruit and its vibrant colors can bring cheer to your fireplace, no matter if it is the holiday season or not.

Wrap it up

Any item you use to wrap your presents this year also can be easily transformed into a sophisticated design for your mantel.

You can even choose to display miniature versions of presents atop your mantel. Adorn small empty boxes with bow and ribbon to give them the appearance of gifts. These stylish touches can be brought out of storage year after year for some holiday cheer.

— Content courtesy of Green Shoot Media