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Forest Grove police log

Feb. 23

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Maple Street. A woman started throwing rocks at her boyfriend’s car and kicking it as he tried to drive away. He decided he did not want to press any charges.

n Police responded with medical assistance after an 11-year-old called 911 because their mother was having a serious medical issue. The request was canceled before officers arrived.

n A local church called to report that an individual was possibly suicidal. Officers found the man, who had obtained a container of beer and was no longer upset.


Feb. 24

n A woman went to the police station to report that her friend stole her passport and ID card, which were seized by officials after she attempted to take the items across the Mexican border.

n A woman called requesting officers check on her friend, who had sent a text message stating she wished for death. Officers contacted the friend, who denied being suicidal and was considering a move to Alaska. Later, police received a second call from the same person insisting that her friend was suicidal and asked that she again be checked on. Officers re-contacted the friend, who this time admitted that she wanted to harm herself. She was transported to the hospital.

n Officers received a report of a man on 21st Avenue screaming he was going to kill people. Officers later received a call about a man yelling obscenities at people on 19th Avenue. Officer searched the area on each call but never found anyone.

 Feb. 25

n A concerned parent called after they suspected their daughter might have marijuana in her possession. An officer contacted the girl at school and recovered marijuana off her person.

n Officers responded to a local school to assist the school resource officer to deal with a violent student who attempted to ingest Lysol. The student was transported to the hospital. While dealing with this subject, another student assaulted the school resource officer by kicking him, causing minor injury. This student was arrested and lodged at a juvenile detention center.

n Two calls were received about a 65-year-old woman who was driving while intoxicated. Officers stopped the woman near Sunset Drive and University Avenue and arrested her after she showed signs of intoxication. She later took the breath test resulting in a .14 percent blood alcohol level.

n A man called 911 and yelled obscenities at a dispatcher. Officers responded to the address of the caller, who became extremely belligerent and uncooperative with officers. The man resisted arrest when officers attempted to take him into custody. The man was lodged at the Washington County Jail for improper use of 911, attempted assault on a peace officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 


Feb. 26

n Items were stolen out of a garage after the homeowner left the garage door open overnight.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 1900 block of Main Street. They arrested a man for interfering with police, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

n Officers contacted a man on Highway 47 after he reportedly made statements about getting a gun or overdosing.


Feb. 27

n Police received a call about a Kirby sales person offering to do the dishes after being declined the opportunity to give a carpet cleaning demonstration. Officers did not locate the subject.

n A woman called police after seeing a subject she believed was going to try and kidnap her. She had no further information to provide except that he “had the look” after she got out of her car. Officers looked but did not find the subject.

n An officer assisted with a small child locked inside a car with the keys at Bi-Mart. A tow truck driver was called and able to open the door.  

Feb. 28

n Police received a call about an “angry man” with a shaved head wearing a leather jacket standing in the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Cedar Street blocking traffic. Officers found the man, who said he was not angry but having a conversation with someone. No one else was in the area.

n A woman reported that three days prior, she observed three teenage boys walking on 18th Avenue carrying a gas can and a cat. The woman convinced the boys to give her the cat.  

n Police responded to a report of a fight in the 3700 block of Pacific Avenue and contacted several subjects. Officers learned that two highly intoxicated individuals, who were also in less than stellar physical condition, decided it would be a good idea to pick a fight with a Pacific University football player. After attempting to fight the football player, one lost a tooth while the other suffered some road rash because he removed his shoes, shirt and pants to prepare for the altercation. Both subjects were arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail. The Pacific University student continued on his way.


March 1

n Officers checked the welfare of an elderly woman who was not answering her phone or door. They found her inside asleep.

n The clerk at a local convenience market called police after a customer drove to the store while intoxicated. Officers located the subject and arrested him. 

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and adult daughter.

n  A resident asked for extra patrol because someone was playing “Ding Dong Ditch” and keeping her up. Officers checked the area but found no one.

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