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Forest Grove police log

Feb. 7

- Several callers reported hearing loud bangs, booms, “explosions” and other popping noises throughout the day. Officers found witnesses who reported seeing kids lighting fireworks, but officers couldn’t locate them.

- Police responded to a medical call which turned into a family disturbance involving between 30 to 40 people. There was no crime at the scene.

- Officers assisted Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a disturbance involving a man with a knife. The man was arrested.

Feb. 8

- A store clerk called to report that a man had stolen laxatives worth about $5.50. Police identified the suspect through security video.

- A caller reported that mariachi music with excessive bass had been playing all day and into the evening keeping his children from sleeping.

- Officers assisted Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies and Oregon State Police at a head on crash in which both vehicles rolled on Gales Creek Road.

Feb. 9

- A caller reported the theft of a three-foot tall, 100-pound concrete rooster from her porch. No suspect information was available.

- A caller reported that his uncle just shot his aunt, stating he locked himself in a bathroom with the victim. Officers responded to the call and shut down surrounding areas. Police made contact with the occupants of the home who were fully cooperative and stated no such incident had occurred. Eventually it was discovered that the caller had falsely reported the shooting as a prank from someone within his online gaming community. Police would like to remind the public that calling in false reports as pranks, or “swatting,” is serious, dangerous and a waste of police resources that can result in incarceration.

Feb. 10

- A man called and told a dispatcher that people were trying to run him out of the country. The man’s son got on the line and apologized, stating his father had been drinking.

- An angry male was cursing about what was wrong with Forest Grove after getting kicked out of a bar and told not to return. 

-Safeway staff confronted a woman who tried walking out of the store with full cart of stolen groceries.

Feb. 11

- Police responded to a burglary alarm at a cannabis processing plant.

- A caller reported that pranksters had phoned and told her her mother had been in a car crash.

- An officer stopped a vehicle and called for a drug K9. The dog found drugs behind the seat on the passenger side. The driver, a female, was arrested and taken to jail. While at the jail, the driver admitted she had more drugs well hidden inside her. During a body cavity search more drugs were found.


Feb. 12

- A caller reported two people about to engage in sexual activity at a local park. Police found two females not doing anything that matched the caller’s description.

- A subject reported having a dream of being sexually assaulted by a priest 30 years prior that they thought might have been real.

- A resident reported a very loud and strange noise that could not be explained and made a video of it. Officers could not confirm the source but suspect a pipe or valve of some type being turned on under pressure.

Feb. 13

- Officers responded to an accident near Gales Way and 23rd Avenue where a car crashed into a pole. The driver was transported to the hospital.

- An intoxicated man called to request a welfare check on his intoxicated friend. Another intoxicated man answered the door and did not want the police at his home. It was determined all were OK — just really intoxicated.

- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a married couple arguing because the wife was upset at her husband for speaking to a female neighbor.