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Grave offense offers lasting lesson

Recently my son and I placed two potted plants on my departed wife's gravesite at Forest View Cemetery.

I guess someone with greater needs removed them. I feel she is in heaven but I'm not so sure the ones that removed them will end up in the same place.

My hopes are that those who removed them will enjoy them and that the plants will last a long time so they can see them every day and remember where and how they came into their possession.

God bless.

Ray Lindsey

Forest Grove

Store owner thanks community for support

To the community of Forest Grove:

Thank you so much for all of the love and support everyone has shown me. You have all made me feel so accepted and comfortable. I will never forget your kindness.

When I decided to open Mama Jiah's Market back in October 2007, I never could have imagined that I would have been so welcomed.

As I opened the doors of the market on the corner of Main and 22nd, this community opened its arms and embraced me. Which is why this is so difficult for me to announce that I have recently sold my market.

I want all of you to know it was extremely important to me to ensure that I would be leaving not only the market, but each of you in good hands. I am confident that the new owners John, his wife Joanna, their son Paul and their daughter Paula (who has recently been accepted into a dental program) will continue to serve this community as I have strived to do for the past four and a half years. I hope all of you will continue to support them just as you have done for me.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the Forest Grove Police Department for all of their help throughout the years. And, I will especially miss all of the little boys and girls who have touched my heart and made me smile. I love all of you.

Again I would like to thank this community as a whole for all of the kindness and support you have shown me. You have all become much more than my customers; you have become my friends and family. You have given me love and wonderful memories that I will forever cherish.


'Mama' Jiah Pak

Forest Grove

Hospice volunteers fill a great need

In Honor of National Volunteer Month, I would like to thank all volunteers everywhere for generously sharing your time and hearts filling the needs in your community. The world is truly a better place with you in it.

I would also like to thank our wonderful volunteers at Hospice and Palliative Care of Washington County.

Thank you for sitting by the bedside holding the hand of a patient after working a full day.

Thank you for providing respite to a wife who has felt alone and overwhelmed for so long. We have heard the sigh of relief come from knowing you're available to them.

Thank you for sharing your time with a patient who cannot communicate their gratitude for the companionship you share with them. They know you are there and you do make their final days full and rich.

Thank you to all the volunteers who create lap quilts, prayer shawls and passage quilts for our patients. A treasure to the patient and the loved ones left behind.

We are so honored to work alongside you serving families at such a tender time.

Robin Miguel

Volunteer Coordinator

Hospice and Palliative Care of Washington County

Let's invest in education

I open this letter with a quote from Aristotle:

'In an ideal state, education of the young would be considered the highest good.'

Now I am perfectly aware that we do not live in any kind of ideal state. Far from it. But really, can't we do better? Yesterday, someone asked me to sign a petition to get a proposed Portland casino on the ballot. The pitch was 'this will help fund schools.'

I seem to remember that the lottery was supposed to be the panacea for school funding a few years ago. And how well did that work out?

We can't depend on gimmicks or quick fixes. But we really need to ask ourselves: do we care about the future of our country? If we answer yes, then we need to find a way to give educators the resources they need to provide our kids with a top notch education.

Our government seems to have no qualms about investing millions (actually billions) in questionable foreign wars. How about we re-think our priorities?

Dave Pauli

Forest Grove