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Riley has long record of service

I read your story, 'In HD29 race, two Democrats, two styles' and want to point out that you could have said that Katie Riley and Ben Unger not only differ in style but also in substance.

You make it clear that Ben Unger only moved into the district this past fall to run. In comparison, Katie Riley has lived in the district for 19 years and has been extremely active in our community. Ben grew up on his family farm but then left after high school and has been working as a political consultant.

Katie Riley has been volunteering in the community, serving in leadership positions on numerous organizations. I served on the Washington County Commission on Children and Families 'Strategies' subcommittee that Katie chaired and found her to be thoughtful, inclusive, hard-working and insightful.

Although Ben Unger grew up nearby, he has not lived or participated in the area for any length of time since he graduated from high school almost 16 years ago. I believe the choice is clear for our district - Katie Riley will be the best voice for our community. She is the experienced leader that we need in the state legislature.

We are very fortunate to be able to cast our vote for the leaders that will strive to solve our important public policy challenges.

Nedra Hathaway

Forest Grove

Saving lives is worth 13 cents a day

Last week's News-Times carried a story headlined 'Forest Grove man pulled from burning condo.'

That man was my 21 year old son. As a result of his rescue I can still enjoy his adventures and accomplishments. I can still have him in my life... as it should be.

Had a few more minutes passed before Forest Grove firefighters pulled him from his burning apartment there would be no more communication, no more time together and no more amazing achievements.

We all know life is fragile and that we should not take it for granted, but it is wake up calls like this one that really bring it home.

I want to publicly express my sincerest gratitude to the neighbor who called 9-1-1 and to the professional personnel of the Forest Grove police and fire departments who responded that night to save my son's life.

Minutes matter in emergency situations. I urge every one to support our local Forest Grove public safety services by voting in favor of Ballot Measure 34-196. Let's not lose a family member, neighbor or friend because we could not see our way to paying another 13 cents a day.

Mitch Taylor

Forest Grove Vikings slighted in sports coverage

Forest Grove High School sports in general over the past several months.

Your voters passed a bond approving the addition of a new sports complex, gym, etc. at Forest Grove High School.

I was already confused as to why I rarely saw any coverage of our up and coming athletes from Forest Grove and continually see things about Banks athletes (which, don't get me wrong, they are great kids and great athletes and I know some of them personally), but then I attended the inagural softball and baseball games at the new stadium and not one reporter showed up to photograph the fields, the players, fans, etc. This is a big deal for the community, the high school and the kids and was a very special day for many and you missed the boat.

Your coverage should not lie strictly on the teams that have a winning record (football), but should cover the citizens in your community.

My daughter is no longer a student at the high school - she is off to college - so I don't have a personal mission to get my kid in the paper, but I do know a lot of our student athletes and they deserve your time.

It appears that someone at the News-Times must have a close relationship with someone in the Banks community.

Again, don't get me wrong, we should share the paper, but if you are only going to cover Banks the majority of the time, then call it the Banks News-Times.

Stacia Sheelar

Forest Grove

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