With the leadership of Washington County Board of Commissioners, every Fair Board meeting feels like a dictator is in charge. Items are brought up and voted on with no public discussion and if someone does ask to speak, many on the board members seem put out and roll their eyes, play with papers or talk to their neighbor. Very rude! Andy Duyck, the County Commission chair, seems to feel he needs his hand on every committee so they don’t make a decision he doesn’t like. I usually attend the Fair Board meetings as I am writing a history book on the Washington County Fair and I am also a 4-H leader/ volunteer and wanting the best for all the 4-H kids in Washington County. Fair Board meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month. Until the present fair board was appointed (by Andy Duyck) you could count on one hand the number of times the meeting was changed in several years.

Lately, they change it on a whim and do not notify the public. I went there Wednesday, June 6 . The door to the Cloverleaf building was unlocked but no one was there. They didn’t have a cancellation notice posted.

Others, including Pat Willis, who gives the 4-H Report every month, were not notified. The public is to be notified of meeting changes and those who normally attend should be notified. Why do they think it is OK to not announce meeting changes? I had checked the Fair Complex website mid- afternoon of the meeting date and it listed the meeting that night. However, when I got home after my evening meeting, at 10 p.m., the website had changed the meeting time to June 13 .

Inez Griffels


Contract Publishing

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