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Nonprofit instills power, not charity


Thank you for the recent extraordinary series of 10 articles covering Adelante Mujeres. Mr. Drummond and Diane and Jim Morris captured so much of the spirit and work of the organization. We are so delighted to be celebrating 10 years of life and work here in this community.

Readers will have noted the headline for the final article, which used the word "charity" to characterize our work. Use of the word "empowerment," or perhaps "justice," would have been more apt to identify the work and mission of Adelante Mujeres.

"Charity" most frequently connotes a kindness offered over and above what is required. We believe deeply that our common humanity and true respect for human dignity requires that everyone be afforded the opportunity to become the best that they can become. Adelante Mujeres is truly a work of justice and empowerment, not a work of "charity."

Sister Barbara Raymond

Forest Grove