Pipeline vs. Mother Nature

Citizens of Washington and Yamhill counties take heart with regard to the natural gas pipeline issue.

In Clatsop County, Oregon LNG is proposing to build their export terminal on, and run the pipeline through, shifting sandy wetlands that have been drilled to 350 feet without finding bedrock.

The terminal is to be located directly on the Pacific Rim earthquake zone. The terminal (and start of the pipeline) is proposed to be located right at the mouth of the Columbia River, directly in the path of the resulting tsunami caused by an earthquake.

But this may not happen first if a hurricane strikes the proposed terminal site as one did December 1-2, 2007. Winds averaged 119 mph for 34 consecutive hours and topped out at 150 mph (think Hurricane Katrina).

Upon leaving terminal, the proposed pipeline is to pass under the Warrenton shopping mall, past the Lewis and Clark Fort Clatsop National Historic Register site and then through numerous slide areas on its way up to your area.

So you see, the odds are that we in Clatsop County will suffer the ruptured pipeline explosion, thus saving what is left of your land, after eminent domain is used to force the pipeline through your area.

Oh, did I mention the proposed terminal tower would protrude up and into the often fog shrouded Astoria Regional Airport space?

So, fight on!

Carl Dominey


Good guys and guns

The National Rifle Association tells us that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Okay, but who’s stopping the good guys?

Recently, the News-Times reported that a local good guy cop with multiple weapons terrorized his wife and child; then when 10 good guy cops arrived he threatened to kill them. More than 50 shots were fired, injuring two and tearing up the house. No bad guys in sight.

Why, I ask the NRA, do their prescriptions on guns not make me feel more secure?

George Evans

Forest Grove

Contract Publishing

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