Why are taxpayers bailing out drug company?

It is nice to have friends. Especially friends in Congress. An important story has been simmering for several weeks. Another example why Congressional approval is in the low teens. Whether the story will emerge or be repressed is hard to say.  Amgen, a major U.S. bio-pharma leader was fined $762 million for multiple criminal pharma marketing practices. And then promptly given a "midnight" benefit courtesy of Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch and Max Baucus which will cost U.S. taxpayers $500 million.  Sort of a refund from friends in Congress. Real good friends it seems.  All close to a very happy retirement, with great health care. Run a Google search of "Amgen, Baucus, McConnell, Hatch, Welch, 500 million" and form your own opinion and wonder why this story is not front page news ... or even page 4 news?

That is the bigger story, and the larger problem.

Don B. Hennig Gales Creek

Contract Publishing

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