Drivers should demand natural gas availability

The Oregonian’s “LNG (liquefied natural gas) Backers Try to Sidestep State and Clatsop County,” in its June 6 issue, cites Mr. Peter Hansen, point man for Oregon LNG. Hansen fails to mention that OLNG’s efforts to export LNG would reap great profits.

The emerging surplus of “frac gas,” which would supply proposed LNG export terminals, is now available for about $2 per million BTUs in the United States. Chilled to ship as LNG to Asia, the same million BTUs is selling for $16 in Asia. An 800 percent gain is a very good motivator to “try to sidestep” due process.

And at the same time, we continue to import gasoline selling at $3.50 to $4 a gallon (at 110 to 115,000 BTUs per gallon) or about $30 per million BTU to U.S. drivers. China and much of the Asian market uses compressed natural gas for vehicles, especially mass transit buses and freight trucks.

Why are U.S. drivers paying six times as much per BTU for transportation energy as the energy OLNG proposes to export at 800 percent profit?

American truckers and other drivers should be demanding this new domestic natural gas be made available as transportation fuel at $2 per million BTUs or about $1 a gallon of gasoline or $1.10 a gallon of diesel equivalent!

Don B. Hennig, PE

Gales Creek

Contract Publishing

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