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New coffee shop not harming anyone

The new drive-through coffee stand employing women in scanty attire (News-Times, July 31 and Aug. 7 issues) has inspired a lengthy and heated community discussion, complete with name-calling, secret photo stakeouts, threats of defamation and general moral panic.

I am grateful we have also managed to have some respectful civil discourse. Oregon has very well established protections for freedom of expression, and it may be easier to resolve the issue if we could turn the heat down a bit, stop making assumptions about the women who work at the stand and stay focused on whatever business classification and zoning is permitted within the law.

The gun activist legally carrying an AR-15 through town a few weeks ago did not generate such an outcry from parents concerned about the safety of their children, but how often is anyone fatally injured by a woman’s breast? Without proof of prostitution, nudity or sex in advertising, or any other illegal activity, this issue remains a matter of personal taste unless local business classification and zoning laws are changed.

Charlotte Lumae

Forest Grove

Contract Publishing

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