Plan could achieve carbon reductions

I write in support of Dale Feik’s guest commentary (“Good reasons to be concerned for future,” News-Times, Aug. 14 issue), urging that we join in an action that really can save the Earth.

It’s called “fee-and-dividend.” Fossil fuel companies are charged a carbon fee (a single amount in dollars per ton of CO2 emitted by that fuel) imposed at the wellhead, mine shaft or point of entry. The size of the fee starts low, and it is ramped up gradually and predictably to achieve the necessary carbon reductions. Current subsidies to the fossil fuel industry are ramped down. One hundred percent of the revenue collected is distributed monthly to the population on a per capita basis as dividends (sent directly via electronic transfers to bank accounts or debit cards) with up to two half-shares per child, per family.

If the carbon fee starts at $15 per ton, the cost of gasoline would increase by about 15 cents per gallon the first year and 10 to 15 cents each year afterward. Net financial benefits will accrue each year to about 60 percent of the population, because we will receive dividends that exceed the increased amount we have paid to buy gas and electricity. The plan incentivizes people and businesses to buy less gasoline and electricity. It encourages the fossil fuel industry to leave coal, oil and gas in the ground and invest in renewable energy sources.

Join the Citizens Climate Lobby, write members of Congress, and help build a movement to get the fee-and-dividend system enacted in the United States of America! We are the people power behind the U.S. government. If the U.S. adopts fee-and-dividend, the world will follow.

For answers to questions about how this system can work, see

Celeste Howard


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