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Thanks for a great crop of farming memories; Bilingualism should be bonus, not requirement; Survey consulting fee was a 'rip-off'

Thanks for a great crop of farming memories

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to all the growers who trusted me and my cleanermen with your crops over these last 46 years.

All growers who are currently farming today, I had the pleasure of assisting your fathers and some of your grandfathers when they were farming.

I wish to thank anyone who worked with me and under my supervision in the past 46 years. My best guess is over 250 individuals worked at the Beach Road location.

During the years from 1965 to 1980 I learned from my father and his three brothers that one has to work long hours for approximately twelve weeks every summer assisting the growers at harvest time. I have met so many good people in the business over the past 46 years. I will miss you all dearly.

First, I thank God for an understanding wife and family. Second, I thank God for the time and health to serve the growers of Washington County.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Robert 'Butch' Kindel

North Plains

Bilingualism should be bonus, not requirement

From the 'Forest Grove School District - School Board Member Selection Criteria' I see an item that gives me pause: the candidate should be bilingual.

Which two languages are preferred?

Swahili and Spanish? Spanish and Mandarin? Romanian and Spanish? Something and Spanish, of course.

My point is that we (as a culture) seem so set on promoting Spanish as our second language, but we really shouldn't be.

I think it's a fine language (all of my five children have studied it, and are proficient and maybe even fluent Spanish speakers). But it is divisive to continue making special allowances for certain groups.

English is what we conduct business in, the laws are all in English, and with rare exception, everyone here speaks and understands it. We should focus on providing all of our children the best education possible with the limited funds we have. School board candidates should not be overlooked if they are not bilingual, but rather should be required to be fluent in English, written and spoken. If they speak Spanish (or French or German or ... uh ... Zambizian) that is just a personal bonus for them.

Harold Hutchison

Forest Grove

Survey consulting fee was a 'rip-off'

Who's the genius at Forest Grove City Hall who hired a consulting firm for $20,950 to ask 200 people if they would support a levy?

Anyone do the math? $104.75 per person interviewed. What a rip-off!

Could the genius be the same person who took $10,000 out of the budget for the Senior and Community Center and made us beg for it back, only to be grudgingly told by Councilor Elena Uhing it could only be used for utilities?

Now you spent $20,000-plus to find out what millions of Americans have been yelling: 'No new taxes!'

Hello! Has anyone considered our present economic situation? Has anyone looked at local unemployment figures?

How many foreclosures are there in the community? How many people are on fixed incomes?

Did you consider the possibility that we may have to soon pay something related to the $6.5 million dollar judgement against you for abuse of power?

Please listen to me. Each time levies are mentioned, we are threatened with a reduction in services: the police will stop arresting gang-bangers, the fire department won't pour water on a burning house, the library will close, or the pool will be drained.

Last time, it took three tries to pass a levy. Don't you think it's time for a serious evaluation of public services?

My answer is 'no' to any increase in taxes and 'no' to spending any more money on consultants!

Aldie Howard

Forest Grove