Coach treats his players with respect, Letter's charge surprised father of former players, Spectators may not understand coaching

Coach treats his players with respect

This letter is in response to Michelle Wright's letter of complaint regarding Coach Greg Evers. We as a team believe that everything said in that letter was false. Evers has coached most of us for multiple years now and to us this letter is not only hurtful but also inaccurate.

Evers is a very dedicated coach and spends countless hours contributing to the team, whether it is during the season or during the off-season. He is a very positive person even if he does not come off as that. When he yells, it is constructive criticism and it is never singling anybody out.

I have never had a coach put so much heart into what he does, whether it is during practices, or doing little things such as team dinners to help us all come together. He was brought into a program that quite frankly did not have a winning tradition. Since he has been here he has tried his best to lead our team to victory and make us the best team that we can possibly be.

As players, we understand that he is going to get on us for mistakes we make during games, but we know it is only beneficial, not just for us but for the team. He has always treated us with the most upright respect and dignity. We believe that Evers is doing a fantastic job, not only as a coach but as a mentor as well.

We feel privileged to have such a dedicated and focused man as our coach. Although spectators may get the wrong impressions, we as players know the true intentions of his actions. There could not be a better man for the job.

Michael Garcia

On behalf of the FGHS Varsity Boys Basketball Team

Letter's charge surprised father of former players

I read last week's letter regarding Forest Grove High School basketball coach Greg Evers. It has been a while since I have sat courtside at a game that he has coached. When I think back to the years that he coached my daughter and assisted with my son, I have nothing but positive recollections of his interactions with each of them.

What I do know about coaching is that it can be very intense at times. There is no doubt that Coach Evers is passionate about his team, his players and coaching. But to cross over the line with his players would be very surprising to me.

I was surprised to read the comments about Greg in last week's paper. I would be equally surprised to learn that Greg, had in fact, behaved in a manor unbefitting of a coach of his stature and experience.

Mark Everett

Forest Grove

Spectators may not understand coaching

Spectators are the experts. It amazes me how they know the ins and outs of a team just by sitting in the stands. Now, I haven't watched a Forest Grove boys basketball game in almost a year, so I won't claim to know everything, but I do know Coach Evers' style and character, and 'verbal abuse' has no place in either. It's natural to attribute blame to others for our disappointments (or our teenagers'), but let's not get carried away.

As a former four-year varsity athlete of Evers' in basketball and track, and as a Division 1 player who would have never advanced that far without the confidence this coach instilled, I beg to differ the ridiculous notion that his methods are anything but top-notch. I have never had a coach who believes in his players and shows it more, always looking for new ways to motivate and encourage. The determination he and assistant coaches inspired gave us every reason to fight our battles each game and love every minute. He knows and teaches that basketball transfers from the court to life - attitude, work ethic, and commitment.

Does he yell sometimes? Absolutely, but I've seen worse in children's daycare centers! Give me a coach who doesn't yell occasionally, and I'll give you a team that has no discipline - not to mention can't even hear their coach over the crowd. Evers demands the best because he sees potential beyond flaws. We need more people like that working with kids today.

To the skeptics: go play for him, practice day in and day out to his whistle, sit in the locker room during a pep talk, then get back to me. Frankly, the accusation is all I find 'unacceptable.' I only wish I could play for him again.

Rachel (Aina) Haycock

Midvale, Utah

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