How to brighten holidays for others

As the holidays approach and you relish the shopping, wrapping, cooking and holiday rush, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to stop and look around you. Get outside of your normal circles, and find ways to reach out to people in need.

Notice when a neighbor needs a hand with groceries, keep in touch with an elderly relative or take time to really listen when a friend seems troubled. For many, this “season of stressors” can seem unbearable, but here are some simple ways you can help.

If you know someone who will need special assistance this season, maybe you can share the “Guide to Holiday Assistance by 211 info” to help them find a warm meal on holidays, sign up for delivered meals or locate food or Christmas boxes.

Consider joining our “One Warm Coat” project, give food to a local food bank or contribute to a charity. There are many worthy causes.

Especially, keep an eye on people around you. Our deputies will respond to increased calls involving domestic violence and mental health crises during the holidays. They perform hundreds of welfare checks per month through the winter at your request. They check on your relatives or the guy next door. Sometimes your calls help us avert tragedy.

Washington County is a warm and caring community. Join me this season in trying to make the season brighter for people who are struggling.

Pat Garrett

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Rotary appreciates football team support

On behalf of the Forest Grove High School varsity football team — under the direction of Coach Dwight Jensen — the Forest Grove Noon Rotary Club would like to thank these local businesses and community members for sponsoring the senior athletes’ photos and displaying them during the season.

The sponsoring business or community members (and their senior athlete) are as follows:

Ace Hardware (David Ortiz);

Allied Chiropractic (Ruben Rodriguez);

Eric Burbano Dentistry (Tate DeSully);

CIMA Services (Gio Tayetto);

Columbia Community Bank (Tony Matiaco);

Doherty Ford (Seth Dean, Chad Smith and Ethan Thursam);

Geoff Faris Dentistry (Caleb White);

Greg Nemchick Dentistry (Cody Smith);

The News-Times (Zach Collins);

Parr Lumber (Ben Aronhalt and Catarino Rodriguez);

Janet Peters Insurance (Adam Woodford);

Tim Schauermann (Christian Rincon); and

Van Dyke Appliances (Jake James).

The photos, framed by A Framer’s Touch, will be presented to each of the senior players at the annual football awards ceremony as a lasting remembrance for their participation and dedication to the program. Proceeds received from the sponsors will be distributed back into the community by the Forest Grove Noon Rotary Club to help support local youth programs and athletic teams.

It’s a win-win situation for the players and the community.

Geoff Faris

Forest Grove Noon Rotary

Drug turn-in event was impressive

As we are integral members of a thriving community, we make up the fabric that upholds the sense of strength and cohesiveness that Hillsboro symbolizes; thus, it is within our responsibility to not only keep our homes safe for ourselves, but also for our neighbors.

On Oct. 26, our community exemplified this sense of responsibility as a steady stream of cars lined up throughout the day to properly dispose of unused and expired medications at the Hillsboro Police Department building on 10th Avenue. It was a spectacular sight.

Given the rise in reported cases of drug abuse in recent years — nationally and locally — our efforts to curb this problem are now even more meaningful and impactful because of the severity of such statistics. Since this year’s turnout has been greater than years before, it is evident we are making considerable progress.

Generation Rx of the American Pharmacists Association and the Hillsboro Police Department would like to thank everyone who showed up on “National Drug Take-Back Day” to turn in unwanted drugs, because such support is important to our success. The upward trend in the amount of medications collected over the years truly demonstrates the level of awareness and commitment this community embodies.

According to the Hillsboro Police Department, in April 2012 about 90.8 pounds of drugs were taken in, but last month’s event gathered nearly four times as much with a total of 390.8 pounds. Simply put, the numbers don’t lie: This community is committed more than ever to ensuring a safer neighborhood.

We here at Generation Rx are very excited about the success of this year’s event, and on behalf of the Hillsboro Police Department, we would like to once again express our gratitude and encourage the community to continue to practice responsible drug disposal.

Duy Q. Nguyen

Generation Rx Committee Chair

Forest Grove

Candidate promises to hold Metro accountable for improving TriMet

My name is Jeremiah Johnson, and I am a candidate for Metro president.

Part of my candidacy platform is to once and for all rein in TriMet. Metro has suddenly had a handful of press releases declaring how to make TriMet a better agency. The two biggest ones are plans to finally improve west side service and to form a volunteer citizen oversight committee of appointed applicants. They have been asked and have said they have had plans to improve west side service for 30 years, and other than the blue line MAX to Hillsboro, little has actually been done.

We know from the failure of past citizen oversight committees that they simply do not work. They do studies and give input, but have no power and are often ignored outright, while still being a talking point for those in power to make you feel like you have a voice when you do not.

I still propose a complete overhaul of TriMet. The corruption is still there and there is no guarantee that any oversight committee will make any improvements. Don’t fall for empty promises and sleight of hand. Whether you vote for me in May or not, remember to hold Metro accountable for actually improving TriMet as an agency. They have their own legal code, their own police, and they are supported by taxes, yet they are a private corporation with no elected representation.

The most dangerous point is, the committee will be appointed by Metro itself, meaning they will cherry-pick those who will make the fewest waves and agree with the council and tell everyone they are doing a good job.

Jeremiah Johnson


Contract Publishing

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