Planned Parenthood commentary was defensive, dishonest

I deeply appreciate the News-Times’ willingness to publish many points of view.

I am especially glad you printed the guest commentary by the executive director of Planned Parenthood (“Women’s health decisions need to be protected,” Dec. 4 issue). Printing it allows your readers to see for ourselves the latest blast of disinformation from Planned Parenthood — our nation’s largest abortion provider.

It looks like Planned Parenthood is really running scared. And no wonder. On Nov. 28, a bombshell exploded on their horizon. After so many desperate attempts by Planned Parenthood (and others who make money from abortions) to label the mounting evidence that aborting human babies greatly increases their mothers’ risk of breast cancer as “junk science,” guess what? On Nov. 28, the prestigious international journal “Cancer Causes and Control” published an analysis of 36 separate studies that no one can hope to ignore.

The studies were conducted last year in China, where the government uses forced abortion for population control. These studies establish not only an undeniable link between induced abortions and breast cancer, but a much higher one than expected: 44 percent risk after one abortion, 76 percent risk after two and an 89 percent increased risk after three abortions! If that weren’t enough, these studies also specifically refute the complicated arguments that Planned Parenthood (and other abortion providers) have invented in trying to undermine previous studies.

Now that the truth is before the world, one would hope all abortion providers would stop and say, “Wow! Maybe we shouldn’t really be doing this.” Not yet. Instead, we’ve seen a flood of these dishonest, defensive press releases.

I could go on and point out how this Planned Parenthood commentary falsely blames Oregon Right to Life for a foolish remark made by one of last year’s presidential candidates — but most readers probably remember the truth. Or we could mention how this commentary misrepresents the actual results of nationwide public opinion polls. Or even its tragic attempts to portray the killing of human babies as “women’s health care decisions.” But I think the point is made.

Thank you for helping us find out the whole story!

Chris Spalding


Congress needs to extend unemployment protections

About 1.3 million Americans, including nearly 18,000 Oregonians, lost their unemployment assistance at the end of December because Congress has not extended the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. Additionally, if the program is not extended, about 5 million more Americans will not get benefits in 2014.

EUC is a temporary federal program that provides additional unemployment insurance to jobless workers in times of economic recession, to relieve hardship for families when jobs are difficult to find and to spur the economy.

Although the economy is gradually recovering from the Great Recession, there are still too many unemployed Americans, including thousands in Oregon. Emergency unemployment should be phased out as the economy recovers and the need decreases; it should not end abruptly for so many who need assistance while still looking for employment.

Ending emergency unemployment is not only hard on families, it’s also bad economic policy. Emergency unemployment benefits are typically spent on rent, groceries and other immediate needs and services. When benefits expire, so did those expenditures. In the first week after EUC benefits expired, the Oregon economy lost millions of dollars.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, in 2014 the expiration of unemployment insurance will cost the U.S. economy an additional 200,000 jobs.

I join President Obama and those directly affected by the expiration of unemployment benefits in calling on the leadership of the House of Representatives to immediately reinstate this lifeline for millions of Americans still looking for work. We must act now to keep the economy on a trajectory of recovery and prevent millions of Americans from slipping into poverty.

U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici

1st Congressional District

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