Sensible choice is to choose forgiveness

I found your recent opinion piece regarding Cinthya Garcia and the terrible accident of last October (“Time and chance haunt us all,” News-Times, Feb. 5 issue) to be compassionate, compelling and certainly right on target.

Who among all of us has never faced a situation that did not end well, despite all the careful planning and precautions possible? Maybe it was a picnic getting rained out or a sudden nasty cold, or perhaps a truly dreadful event.

When faced with a tragic accident or life-threatening illness, most people seem to want to find a cause; a reason to blame someone or something; or to placate them with the notion that “I would/would not have done XYZ,” and therefore would not have had the same outcome.

In my opinion, the accident that took the lives of Anna and Abigail was a “perfect storm” of circumstances. It was tragic and unbelievably awful, but nothing can be

done to change the situation now. Certainly blaming the parents, the children, Ms. Garcia or even the leaf collection program will not make any difference.

Susan Dieter-Robinson said in court that she chose forgiveness. It is my sincere hope that we can all make the same sensible choice.

Sue Nemchick

Forest Grove

How is a Beaverton dental clinic more convenient?

I may be wrong, but since this newspaper is mainly for the people of Forest Grove, traveling all the way into Beaverton to get my teeth cleaned is a long way to go (“Virginia Garcia to add Beaverton dental clinic,” News-Times, Feb. 5 issue).

Won’t I still have to drive through Cornelius to get to Beaverton, and won’t I have to drive through Hillsboro to get to Beaverton? Also, The Round in Beaverton is almost in the center of town, with the worst traffic on the west side.

Surely the citizens of Forest Grove can find something or someplace closer and not waste all the gas to get there.

Keith C. Noel

Forest Grove

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