After last week’s newspaper, I feel I have to write — enough is enough.

Your opinion column, “Spare us from needless partisanship,” (News-Times, Feb. 5 issue) is laughable. Your paper is nothing but partisan, from your political cartoons to the incoherent ramblings of admitted socialist Russ Dondero, your paper is so slanted to the left it’s ridiculous.

A lot of us would like to read the local news without being insulted. I support your right to express your opinion, but your paper’s pledge to deliver balanced news is a joke. It is because of our Constitution that you can express your views without fear. Unlike you, I believe in all of the Constitution, not just the parts that suit my agenda at any given time.

I am a longtime subscriber, and it is sad to see what this paper has become. It seems you have nothing in mind but to push your liberal views on us, and anyone who disagrees is to be ridiculed.

Such is the liberal way.

Jeff Haboush


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