Community needs to have dialogue on track

An open letter to the Pacific University community:

Track's renaissance at Pacific University suffered a setback with the loss of our successful coach Tim Boyce. We have been through this before in track: The loss of Jim Weber in the early 1980s stalled Pacific's track program for many years.

This pattern of support/neglect is unusual in the Northwest Conference. I recommend all members of this group write to President Dr. Lesley Haddick and ask her to share her vision of track at Pacific in the future.

If she wants to ensure a successful program, the investment in facilities is only part of the equation. It requires the kind of decades-long commitment Eldon Fix, Jim Bowers and the other successful Northwest Conference coaches gave their universities, but the commitment was mutual. The university must know results cycle up and down; the coach must have freedom to recruit and the ability to remain.

This is the future we, the alumni of Pacific, request of the administration.

Hard set goals for performance is what works in football and other team sports, not in individual sports.

Track has been at Pacific for more than 100 years, but it struggles because of the lack of support of vision. One coach cannot build a dynasty without time. But the president must give the vision.

David Nees

Anchorage, Alaska

Tired of the hoax and tax charade

Did you ever notice how the music they play at major league ballparks is always 30 years out of date? So yesterday. Apparently the people who make these decisions are morons.

So last week in Forest Grove, the anti-tobacco groove (used to be the anti-smoking groove, but who is listening) has found some oldie lovers in the city council.

"That which is permitted, is encouraged," as that well-known savant, Nathan Seable, so trenchantly put it.

Yet the anti-tobacco mania is sooo the day before yesterday.

People in England, France and even that holy land of socialism, Sweden (I am speaking of young people here), are tired of this hoax and tax charade.

Not that the old fogies in the “Fascist Grove” City Council are likely to be aware of this development.

How sad to see old fascists exulting over their new ideas.

Freedom? Ha ha ha. That which is permitted is encouraged.

William Jansen

Forest Grove

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