Delayed ruling only empowers speculators

Last week’s LUBA ruling that one Clatsop County Commissioner (out of a 5-0 vote) voted with bias and the remanding of the Oregon Liquefied Natural Gas (OLNG) pipeline case back to the county to be re-voted, is just another delay in this endless legal merry-go-round.

The brutal reality is, fossil fuel speculators have paralyzed government. In this federally designed rodeo, OLNG is the bucking bronco, the state of Oregon is the rodeo clown, and our politicians and courts merely geldings or steers.

The state of Oregon has the legal obligation and power to stop all the proposed fossil fuel export projects in Oregon. Refusing to act and acquiescing to more delays is promoting these projects and empowering the speculators. The state needs to deny OLNG and cancel leases by finding that the project is not in the public interest and can’t comply with local land use regulations.

Paul Sansone

Northwest Property Rights Coalition

Gales Creek

Safety net would cut impact of being away from work

Sick days are going to come; everybody gets sick. In this day and age, it seems to me that a lot of people don’t have insurance that someone out there has their back.

Most folks don’t have the luxury of benefits, let alone a savings account. To have that safety net makes a difference. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid and I don’t have that buffer to cover me if I get sick or if I get injured.

I was carrying lumber for a job and I could feel there was a pain in my neck and shoulder; I later found out that I may have damaged part of my vertebrae. I started doing physical therapy and I had to pay for those sessions because I didn’t have sick days to cover the costs. I started getting behind in my bills.

If I had had a safety net, it would have lessened the impact of being off work. Whether everyone wants to admit it or not, we are all people; we are all shaped the same way. We should all have access to benefits to ensure some quality of life. Some hope. People without a vision, perish.

Preston Olds

Forest Grove

Sick time important to worker and employer alike

Earned sick days are important to me and my employer. For me, I know I would get stuck financially if I need to take time off if I get sick. For the employer, it benefits them, because someone is going to have to come to work sick and spread whatever it is they have to other workers. But if they have that day available, they can take care of themselves.

My son went to work and he cut his foot and it became infected. Because he had earned time off, he was able to take the time off to heal. If my son hadn’t had the sick time, he would have lost his job and the employer would have lost an experienced worker — all because of an accident on the job. The company would have had to hire a new employee and train them, which is not cost effective because the training is done in-house by another employee as well as additional staff.

Look at the benefits of earned sick days, and not the cost. Then, look at the cost when someone does get sick and they have to miss work, and the cost to the company.

Michael Goodwin

Forest Grove

Contract Publishing

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