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Comparing athletic apples to oranges at Pacific

Dear Mr. Clock, Please let the glory days go! How many more times do we have to hear that former Pacific wrestlers are dissatisfied with the current athletic department’s leadership? You compare your time at Pacific with now?

My impression is that most of the past success was when Pacific was NAIA. Students were on scholarships back then. Pacific has been Division 3 for many years. Anyone with any knowledge of the college coaching scene knows you can’t compare programs with scholarships to programs without. Of course you get better results because you have higher level recruits!

You never mention the successes that Ken Schuman has enjoyed as the current A.D. You don’t mention the championships in baseball and men’s soccer. You don’t mention the stellar football season last year after just three years of development. Please put it all to rest! It’s comparing apples to oranges.

Ann Olson

Forest Grove

Dream Girls didn’t objectify women

I find it highly amusing that Eric Canon, self-professed Moral Leader and Sage of The Grove, found time to sneak some pastie photos at the Dream Girls joint, but he did succeed to run the sinner girls out of town. “Damn those girls for wearing a — oops, those — Red, White and Blue pasties on the 4th of July!”

Personally I did not find the girls obscene or that they “objectified women,” as Canaan, er Canon, puts it. Even though I was not a regular at the stand, I thought the girls brought a little harmless spice to town.

What I do find offensive is Canon’s metal sculptures, judging by the crap-piece hanging from the Centro Cultural’s exterior wall, which I think negatively “objectifies” art. I won’t be leading an effort to stalk and chase him away, but rather, I’ll close my eyes when I drive by.

Hey Eric, since you won’t be needing those pastie photos any longer, can you forward them to me?

Talon Buchholz