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Overwhelmed by kindness of restaurant owner

I wanted to let someone know about a Forest Grove business that went above and beyond to help me. My dad, Bob Richards, passed away back in February. This was going to be the first Mother’s Day my mom was going to spend alone.

I wanted to do something special for her, but I live in Colorado. I looked up a restaurant in Forest Grove and decided to call and see if they could take dinner to my mom. I ended up contacting Maggie’s Buns. Maggie Pike got back to me immediately, and said she would take my mom dinner.

She and her daughter ended up taking my mom a wonderful dinner, plus extra for her to freeze and eat on another day on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, before my mom left for church, they brought her fresh cut flowers from their garden and a fresh cup of brewed coffee.

So what did this act of kindness cost me? Maggie would not take money from me. The only thing she asked was that I do something kind for someone else.

In a world full of heartbreaking news, I am completely overwhelmed by this act of kindness. This wonderful woman and her daughter not only blessed my mom, they blessed me beyond measure. They even sent me a picture of my mom receiving her beautiful flowers. This has been one of the best Mother’s Days ever.

Carolyn (Richards) Magnuson

Loveland, Colo.

Middle school kids still being bullied in Forest Grove

I know a number of people who went to Neil Armstrong Middle School (NAMS), people now in their 40s and 50s (“Is NAMS ‘reputation’ a relic from the past?” News-Times, May 6 issue). They were bullied or knew kids who were bullied. At that time, apparently, there existed a laissez-faire, “Boys will be boys” (or girls will be girls!), attitude among administrators and teachers.

Now, the children of that older generation of NAMS students attend the middle school. They are being bullied or they know other kids who are being bullied. Very little has changed in the school’s responses.

Sure, there are “green-washing” efforts by administrators to attempt to address the problem. They are almost farcical, as if, “Take your bully to lunch” were a real thing. “Confront your bully. Make him aware that he is bullying you.” A kid I know tried this administrative approach at NAMS. The bully looked the kid up and down, spit, and said “F*** you!” Mission accomplished.

In conclusion, while NAMS’s gang reputation may be misplaced, its bullying reputation is well-deserved. Perhaps administrators might attempt to address not just the reputation — “the way the community perceives it” — but the actual issue.

If the school becomes a great place to be, its reputation will catch up without help. A thought: one might argue that gang violence is just bullying ratcheted up a notch or two. It’s worth considering.

Claude Romig

Forest Grove

Why can’t we find a way to deal with gun violence?

In the United States, more than 30,000 individuals die from firearms every year.

For a society that deems itself as a civil and civilized society, we seem totally unable to come to terms with this tragic loss of life, other than to say “tsk-tsk,” and go on our way.

Loren Schultz

Forest Grove

Bill on gun background checks was nonsense

I guess it’s just a matter of time now before we change Oregon’s name to Bloombergian. This is really disgusting how the new governor can’t wait to sign this bunch of nonsense into law. So much for my faith that she would do the right thing.

This Senate Bill 941 has been, especially in the Senate, handled in the most crooked and unfair manner, being ramrodded and voted on the party line with little to no public input. This isn’t the democratic way of doing things; this is more like Democrats bought by Michael Bloomberg, who, by the way, never made it a secret he was going to crisscross the country buying Democrats to enact nonsense that he wanted. I also noticed gun crime never went down in New York City during Bloomberg’s run as mayor.

This is rather pathetic that this even passes, after some of the chief supporters flat-out admitted that when enacted, it wasn’t going to do any good whatsoever.

A lot of questions remain unanswered, like how is this going to be enforced? This question has been asked many times and has never been answered. All you get is a bunch of self-congratulatory nonsense about how they did the right thing.

If I had my way, I would start at the top and recall all Democrats for everything from lying to us on up to taking bribes. Why can’t we just have a government that will do the job they were elected to do, instead of working for bribes from big billionaires?

Ken Bellamy



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