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Little League organizers grateful for all the support

An open letter to the Forest Grove community: Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during the 2015 Little League Softball season. Without your kindness and generosity, we would not have had the successful start that we did.

The girls in the Forest Grove community are extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people providing them with the necessary funds and materials needed to be successful.

We would like to give a special thank you to Kyle Kobashigawa with Frye’s Action Athletics for his overwhelming generosity and infinite wisdom in our time of need. We would also like to thank Rotary Club of Forest Grove, Forest Grove Lions Club, Washington County Firefighter Association, Forest Grove Youth Baseball, Hybrid Heating & Air Conditioning and countless other individuals for their generosity.

On behalf of the Forest Grove Little League, we express our heartfelt appreciation for all you do.

Debbie Thrush

Forest Grove

If it could, NRA would have us arming our pets

I’d be willing to bet that the group launching the recall of state Sen. Chuck Riley and state Reps. Val Hoyle and Susan McLain (“Gun rights backers launch recall of legislators,” News-Times, April 22 issue) are being backed and funded by the NRA. Who else would be crazy enough to object to a bill protecting citizens from criminals and the mentally ill?

In fact, I’m starting to believe that these people are exactly the ones that the bill is protecting us against.

This is no gun control bill. This is not a ban on guns. This is merely a measure of safety from those whose actions could be a danger to any one of us. I don’t understand who would object to that — except the NRA, of course. They’ve become a caricature of their original mission. If it were up to the NRA, we’d be arming our pets, leave our houses in the morning and open fire on each other.

Fortunately, we have level-headed legislators who do care about their constituency and the proof of that is in this innocuous bill to protect us from some unstable person with a gun in his or her hand.

Let’s think logically about this and realize that not everyone should own a gun.

Kathy Wnorowski


Rask will work to improve education for all kids

It gives me great pleasure to be able to endorse Dr. Bart Rask for Position 5 on the Hillsboro School Board. I have always been pleased by his honesty, no nonsense, straightforward approach to leadership, and his concern for the greater good.

I have sat through town hall meetings with Bart, and have been impressed with his knowledge of the issues and his eagerness to learn more. Bart understands the complexities and the challenges of the school board, and also possesses the vision to tackle problems and find solutions where we need them most.

Bart has children in our schools and first-hand knowledge of what is working and what could be done to improve education for greater successes for our kids’ futures. He cares for the education of all of Hillsboro’s children as well as his own. Hillsboro School District citizens should support Bart Rask for the school board this May. He has the leadership experience, the vision, and the passion for education that Hillsboro needs.

Fred Marble

Forest Grove School Board

Governor should not allow Nestlé to assault Oregon’s scenic treasures

An open letter to Gov. Kate Brown:

The more I know about Nestlé operations worldwide, the more I fear for the Columbia River Gorge. This pending “state involved ‘water swap’” does not pass my smell test. I helped deliver many of the Federal 1843 Fishing Access Rights Treaty Compliance Sites throughout the Gorge. This unique exposure makes me love the Gorge, which is being serially assaulted by the new “Corporate America” at this time.

The excellent documentary “Tapped Out” is accurate and Nestlé’s pending deal is outrageous. I don’t believe “50 jobs” promised. But maybe 400 or more jobs would justify such state endorsement and cooperation.

Or a “Critical Natural Resource Access/Source Tax” of 5 percent of the sales price of the product.

The cited water quantity of 0.5 CFS of one half cubic feet per second might sound small to some. But this converts to 446,800,000 liters per year, which Nestlé can sell for $1 per liter. That would be almost a half billion dollars a year. Five percent would be about $23 million a year. So 5 percent is not nearly enough for a “critical resource extraction fee.” Twenty percent, or $90 million, would be reasonable.

I would estimate proposed Nestle’s plant and operations costs at less than $100 million a year. Thus estimating potential earnings, after paying $100 million for the water, of over $200 million a year. Is a return on investment of six months even legal? Sounds criminal to me.

Nice deal: Almost free water, and it is almost free to “bottle” — which is a misnomer now. Let’s say “plottle” for “pl-astic + b - ottle.” “Plottle” should be the noun and the verb for the practice of putting water in plastic. Earn a half billion dollars and litter two states with a half billion “plottles.”

A new $90 million or $100 million a year to the general fund would solve a lot of problems. For starters, K-12 students could get their fair share back.  There is no better investment than education.

I heard it said that “litter is an expression of arrogance by the ignorant.”

In the case of the Nestlé Columbia Gorge “plottling plant,” it is more a case of the arrogant littering the ignorant. And not just the empty “plottles.”

Don B. Hennig

Gales Creek


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