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Forest Grove might have banned swimming

Yes, there was a horrible tragedy at Hagg Lake three weeks ago, and we are saddened.

It’s unfortunate that this grand recreation area doesn’t fall within the Forest Grove city limits. Our wise Forest Grove City Council, under advice from Sustainability Commission members, would clearly have recognized that swimming could be hazardous to our health, and a ban on such activity would have been enacted.

Chuck Kingston

Forest Grove

We need legislators who will deal with gun violence

I’m writing this because it’s disturbing that gun violence and gun reform has not come to the platform for this fall’s elections. An Oregonian dies from a gunshot every day. We just had a school shooting in June at Reynolds High School! Yet Congress has remained stagnant when it comes to addressing the epidemic of gun violence in Oregon.

Let’s change this and vote for candidates based on their willingness to take on gun violence. We already know the most effective thing we can do, which is to pass universal background checks on ALL gun sales. In states with background checks, we not only see a reduction in rates of suicides with firearms, but reduction in the number of women shot by a domestic partner. We can be heroes and save lives.

Universal background checks would help by closing the loophole that’s allowing our felons and domestic abusers to evade background checks and get their hands on guns through our private sales realm, which is how more and more gun transactions are taking place these days.

Why have we not closed this loophole already? Because our legislators, including our own state Sen. Bruce Starr, have blocked attempts to pass universal background checks, going against the views of a majority of Oregonians. They say this won’t stop all gun violence or illegal gun sales. They say we’re regulating our gun sales too much. But if they can save just a few lives every week, month, or year, isn’t that worth it? Isn’t that worth the extra few minutes it takes to run a background check? Isn’t a life worth the extra few dollars?

That’s why we need officials such as Bruce Starr out of office. That’s why we need legislators who will address the gun violence epidemic. We need legislators who will stand with their constituents — not against them.

Ananda Tomas


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